Barefoot by the Sea: Snow day

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow day

What makes a kid more giddy than a big, old fashion snowstorm?  A snow-day!  A break from the day in and day out?  It always amazes me how they are just itching to get outside and explore but this huge storm that hit us February 8th and 9th resulted in more snow than they had ever seen.  Riley laughed when she saw it pilled up high on our deck, she couldn't wait to get out there.  One thing I know I love about these huge storms is that it gives us chance to just slowdown....and perhaps even remember those same feelings we used to have when these giant storms came around in our childhood.  

I only remember a couple really big ones but I know this:  I spent those days tunneling through the snow, digging forts, making snow angels and just quietly laying in the snow and listening to nothing but quiet (and the occasional snowplow going by).  

My kids did the same things (although I did catch Sydney eating the occasional fistful of snow) and what happiness they bring me, simply watching. 
We are hoping to try snowshoeing now that we have ample amounts of the white stuff.  Riley is excited for more Winter activities! Sydney enjoys it too,  just not as much.  She declared she "likes Spring and Summer better Mama...because of the pops and the swings".  She even managed to get some mini swinging in that day!

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  1. Wow! That is a lot of snow! I'm glad that ours has decreased by about half at this point :-) And hoping it continues to melt away so I can see the ground again!


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