Barefoot by the Sea: Fairy Garden Caretaker

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fairy Garden Caretaker

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our school vacation Fairy Gardens that my daughters created.  I have to share, they have been a joy for us and the girls have absolutely loved taking care of these, checking in on them, writing notes to any fairies that may happen to be in the area, etc.  It's been a pleasure to see how much care they take with them - this is serious business afterall!  I would recommend anyone, especially parents of fairy lovers, to help their little ones with this activity.  It certainly is special.  As the warmer weather approaches, they have big plans for a larger, expanded fairy garden paradise they plan. 
It's definetely been a nice introduction to gardening - on a smaller scale.  I'm 100% positive we are ready and anxious for time in our actual garden this Summer.  Digging in the dirt, planting, is most appealing to us after a long, dreary Winter.  It won't be long now!  I have to be patient though, in years passed we've planted too early and failed.  Our hope is to get a plan on paper ready so that when the fear of frost has passed, we can get digging!

What are you planting these days? 


  1. Great project! What a great way to introduce them to gardening/responsibility, etc! Can't wait to start our garden, we'll do the usual, but this year we are trying our hand at brussel sprouts!


  2. As you know, Sophia has loved her Fairy Garden. It's spotlights her creativity, imagination and helps teach responsibiity. :)
    I'm so with you about gardening, veggies and ready!!

  3. Aww that photo is so cute! What a great way to introduce them to gardening. We just started our tomato seeds indoors so I hope they take off soon :)


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