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Monday, April 15, 2013

Men of the 70's: It's Retro Monday

That's right folks, I'm back for a little retro Monday action! 
So while I was flipping through some 70's mags, I couldn't help but notice the guys in the print ads.  They have a certain quality...
Could it be that gold chain?
or perhaps their color coordinated clothing? 
the confidence it takes to wear a belted sweater?
or the fact that he remembered the cooler, the paper cups AND the cigarettes?
Whatever it was, they had a certain something....don't you think? 
I also couldn't get over the colors in this cheesy ad and I can't believe that I used to consume this as a child.  Cheese, from a can is just not right!
Finally, I wasn't aware that there was also a "Poppie" in addition to the Dough Boy.  She certainly has one giant knife there!   
Happy Retro Monday Friends!


  1. Seriously, do you have a magazine shrine in your home?! Where do you find these things? :-) I have never tried squeezable cheese before...was it really cheese?

  2. Oh my! How funny. That guy with the belted sweater is just too much. I guess that was the style back then though! How times have changed :)

  3. Haha! Love this!! My mom has given me boxes of old magazines...'70s,'80s... let me know if you ever need more! Lol! Or maybe I should join you for the next Retro Monday.... too funny :)


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