Barefoot by the Sea: Happy Summer Friend Favors!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Summer Friend Favors!

We are in our last week of school here on the East Coast.  I figured I'd share some of the loot that we've been making around here.  It seems like this week is all about saying Happy Summer to friends and thanking our sweet teachers for a wonderful school year.  We opted for little baskets from Stonewall Kitchen for Sydney's preschool teachers.  They were the very same teachers that Riley had four years ago so they've been in our lives for a while now and it's certainly bittersweet saying goodbye. 
Sydney also insisted she give her friends a Happy Summer favor bag.  In it, we included a pair of sunglasses, bubbles and a kiddie cone at our favorite ice cream shop.   The plan is to meet up with friends over the Summer for some playtime and a treat.  We were also pretty thrilled that our local shop offerred $1 cones for our friends since we were buying them in bulk.  They are a new shop so they appreciated a little extra advertising.  So, keep that in mind if you are looking for affordable party favors for teachers or friends!  We also downloaded these sweet treat tags from EAT DRINK CHIC!
Next week I'll be sharing some of the teacher goodies we made for Riley's school.  In the meantime, I'm running on empty!  It's a busy, busy time of the year!  Do you do something special for your child's teacher?  I'd love to hear, always looking for new ideas!


  1. How sweet! I bet all of her little friends loved these! As for teacher gifts...since I am the kids' teacher, I have been giving myself a bit extra "free" time during these beautiful days. Instead of just doing yard work when I go outside with the kids, I have been taking some time to read and knit, and it has been very welcome :-) Can't wait to see the gift baskets!

  2. That is such a nice thing to do! I bet the teachers really appreciate it. So exciting that summer is starting for you guys!

  3. Very cute, Jess! I love the fact that you made little summer bags for all the kiddos, and I love the idea behind them! We did a cute little potted basil plant for each teacher with the recipe for basil simple syrup attached. Super simple and useful :)


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