Barefoot by the Sea: The Gift of Flowers!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Gift of Flowers!

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helfpul; they are sunshine, food and medicine or the soul."  - Luther Burbank

As the weather warms up and the blooms around my home start to spring up, I get so excited that we are able to have fresh flowers again!  Back before I had children, it wasn't uncommon for me to pick up a bouquet of flowers from our local market on a weekly basis (gasp).  That was pre-kids, when I was foolish and apparentely weathly!  Now, I only purchase flowers on special occasions but try hard to ensure that during Spring, Summer and part of Fall, I have fresh flowers throughout the house.  Some of the most enjoyable times for me have been bringing in freshly picked flowers and watching my girls get quiet and excited as they take in the aroma.  This is absolutely the case with the lily of the valley that Miss Sydney so politely picked for me (great project for the littles too - as long as we stress the importance of being gentle!)  A trio of bud vases and just three tiny bouquets resulted in a wonderful aroma.  My husband even commented on it! 

I'm savoring each and every bloom while they last.  These are almost gone now but I'm excited to see my zinnias, day lilies, clematis, butterfly bush, black eyed susans and more popping up.  If our weather continues to be warm and sunny, I have high hopes for bouquets throughout the house!

Do you have a favorite flower that you cultivate from home?  Are there any that you want but haven't planted or been successful with?  I'd love to hear!

Have a great day!


  1. I love the perennials at my house, my favorite being the lilacs. But, as far as bouquets go, I can't beat the huge peonies that seem to bloom for me every year...and my irises - but those never last long.

  2. I have also had to economize with the flowers in my home ~ our grocery store has a nice floral department and they will have buy one get one half off sales that I take advantage of every so often.

    I think you saw my new yellow English roses. I bought four of the same rose to ensure lots of cut flowers in addition to plenty of flowers left on the rose outside too. I want to plant several more roses too!

  3. I knew right away what those blooms were! My grandma has tons of lily of the valley at her house and she gave us a start. I need to get some more because I love how they smell and the blooms are so cute and petite. I am really excited about my new peony bush that we just planted. Found it on clearance for only a couple bucks! I hope it blooms well next year :)

  4. I love the way this lily of the valley looks in the 3 little vases....perfect!! We are enjoying our poppies and irises right now....I am always sad by how quickly they cycle through, but it's a good lesson in enjoying them while they last. A lesson I could really stand to learn!! :)

  5. Love the blog.. I am one of your newest followers.. SHerry @ The Rusty Pearl .. GOD bless .. Keep those wonderful posts coming ...

    1. Thanks for visiting Sherry! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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