Barefoot by the Sea: Toothpick Scratch Art

Monday, June 24, 2013

Toothpick Scratch Art

It's is almost Summer right?  I ask because we've had our fair share of rainy and gloomy weather these days!  The girls have been eager to get outside but sometimes they are just settled on staying in because of the rain.
Always looking for a new, thrifty craft, we decided to forgo our usual paintbrushes the other day in favor of....TOOTHPICKS!  The result was interesting - the girls sort of scratched their way around with paint until they achieved their desired effect.  Simple lines worked best and the paint dried with a nice texture.  Who knew that simply stirring paint with toothpicks would result in a new art tool?  The girls took over an enjoyed painting in a new way!  All you need is paint and toothpicks and paper! 
I love when the simple ideas, their own turn out to be the most fun! 


  1. Great idea! Back in the day I used to do scratch art with this black paper that had all kinds of colors you remember that? I'm not sure my kids would be patient enough for the toothpicks just yet. And with their desire to paint each other, this might be a painful craft ;-) But I totally agree, their own ideas seem to always be amazing!

  2. That is a clever idea! Toothpicks have so many uses! I hope your weather clears up soon. We've had some heavy rains the past couple days but it has been good for our plants so I'm thankful for that! But definitely not fun to be stuck in the house all day.

  3. Great idea! We are always looking for fun new painting ideas and this is a good one! We will definitely be trying it soon!!! Hope you guys had a great weekend :)

  4. We have a week of wet weather ahead of us but we still get out during dry spells and play. Overall, it has been a nice spring and summer though. Your art project for the girls is really cute!


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