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Friday, July 26, 2013

Above the Dam Jam

My friend Sue who owns Above the Dam Jam makes the worlds most delicious goodies!  I love having a local supplier of the things we seem to eat boatloads of!  Naturally, when we discovered that she was also making the worlds BEST peanut butter we all ran around and did a happy dance!  It was even better than I expected.  Creamy, thick and just plain old delicious, this is the perfect peanut butter to smear on an English Muffin or a slice of fresh apple in the Fall.  You need to try some of this!  No, really.  YOU NEED TO TRY IT!
Made with peanuts, honey and salt - this is delciously perfect and simple.  It's real which is one of the things I love.  Don't you think food just tastes better when it's made with the good stuff?  I don't think that life gets much better when I've got a peanut buttery snack!  YUMMY!
Pure goodness. 
Sue is a business owner and Mama of FIVE - yes, FIVE kiddos.  Love supporting local and Mom based businesses! 
Be sure to check out Above the Dam Jam on etsy or if you are in the NH/Maine area, check out the Kennebunkport Farmer's Market to get your hands on the goods or visit this page to see where these products are sold.  You can also read all about it on the blog that gives you the ins and outs of the business of jam, peanut butter, pickles and more!
As for recipes today - I don't have any, we have been in the thick of Summer activities and school vacation BUT be sure to check out Lemon Tree Dwelling for some delicious meals, apps and drink recipes!  Doesn't this Banana Peanut Butter Wonton recipe look ah-maz-ing?  Yes indeedy!
Oh and speaking of supporting Mama-run businesses, don't forget to enter HERE to win a reusable sandwich wrap, just in time for back to school from Pipsqueaks Bags!  There's still time to enter but hurry - enter here for your chance to win!
Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Oh MY. That looks delicious.
    How awesome that she is a momma of 5, too :)

  2. Thanks so much for the mention!! You are too sweet. This PB looks awesome...and I love the cute packaging too!! Thanks for introducing us to yet another great product!

  3. Thank you SO very much for highlighting our PB, Jess! You are so sweet to try it out, and I'm psyched that you love it. We've been celebrating new flavors recently, including dark chocolate PB and gingersnap PB (craving anyone?), so I'll have to pass some along to you for testing. BTW, I feel somehow guilty to say that our family is a family of 5, with 3 children. I'm not sure how it was relayed that we have 5, other than that maybe you can understand that 3 children sometimes feeeels like 5! :) Anyway, thanks for the props, and I love your blog, as usual. Hope you had a wonderful summer!


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