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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New England Attractions: Storyland!

Let me start by saying we are park people.  We love Disney, we love the rides and the atmosphere.  I completely get it if it isn't your thing but it is mine.  I was lucky enough to find a man who shared the love of standing in lines to get on a ride or to meet a character.  Of course we don't live in Florida or California (or anywhere close) so we are lucky enough to have another park that brings huge smiles to our girl's faces:  Storyland

Storyland is a quaint, beautiful and CLEAN amusement park settled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  2013 marks their 60th year in business!  It's the perfect place to bring the younger set because the rides are age appropriate, fun and entertaining.  They have shows and games - the usual things you'd expect at a park but what we love about it, is that this is the same park my husband used to go to when he was a child....and it hasn't changed all that much!
They have a lovely Storybook Animals area that incorporates live animals (goats, chickens, pigs and sheep).  Each area has a story that accompanies the animal:  The Three Little Pigs, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Mary Had a Little Lamb are all found here.  My girls spend hours in this area because they love animals.  It's fun to watch them interact.  It's wonderful to watch your children as they innocently enjoy this area.  There are always people cleaning and feeding the animals too so it's a great educational opportunity for the kids. 
Next, The Little Dreamers Play area that is perfect for the youngest children.  This hands on interactive play area has rhymes including Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, One Two Buckle My Shoe and more.  They also have a big play structure that again, my children love.  Slides and a big tree to climb with a little and just tons of giggles to be heard.  It's set in a shady area and is the perfect way to get the kids back to the basics - or spend the last hour at the park.  Kids doing what they do best: PLAYING!
Now for the rides!  There are easy and relaxing rides like the Swan Boats and then rides on the bigger boat - the Swan Queen.  There's a large Pirate Ship to take a cruise on as well as a ride through the Jungle, which is always fun.  They have the beloved Tea Cups, Flying Fish, Antique Carousel, Antique Cars, Farm Tractors and Riley's favorite - the Polar Coaster!  It's nice to be at an amusement park where the kids can actually ride on a roller coaster that's just fun but not too intense.  Kid's have to be 36 inches to ride that, the Bamboo Shoots (log floom) and the Dr Geyser's Water Ride.  Kids of all ages can ride the remaining rides.  There are over 21 to enjoy!  (You can see the full list of park info here).  It takes at least a full day to do it all.  What's great about this park too is that if you enter after 3pm on the 1st day, you'll  get in FREE the next day.  

There are also 7 shows to enjoy, including a circus that my girls love!  It's a nice diversion to watch something - especially under "the big top".  These shows are the perfect way to spend a little "downtime" after a wild morning filled with rides and fun.  I also have wonderful memories of my little Sydney falling asleep on me as a baby while Riley took in an afternoon show.  No worries - children under 3 are free at Storyland!
You can bring your own food to this park, which we love but there are also some good options for food that you can see here.

They also have several character appearances throughout the Summer including Clifford the Big Red Dog, Olivia, Curious George and more. You can view the entire list of characters that will be visiting here.
Convinced yet?  If you are in the New England area, it's a great option when planning your next vacation!  Be sure to Like Storyland on Facebook here!  You can also follow them on Twitter here!  Be sure to sign up for their e-newsletter here to be "in the know" and for your chance to win two tickets to the park!  

This is a wonderful place to re-live your memories you had as a child with your own children.  You can take this park at your pace, the lines are reasonable (if any), there are plenty of places to get shade, places to shop, food to eat and of course, memories to be made! 

Until next year Storyland - here's to 60 more years!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! And I have to agree, there are park people and non-park people and I definitely am a park person :-) Plus, after being at Disney during Christmas, nothing has ever compared to those lines. I am always surprised at how easy it is to get on rides everywhere else :-)

  2. This looks so fun! A great alternative to Disney if you live too far away. Love that they have chickens! :)

  3. This looks perfect! We've been tossing around the idea of Disney for a while, but it's just so expensive!! Too bad we're not closer to the east coast...I'd love to check Storyland out!


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