Barefoot by the Sea: Exploring

Monday, September 9, 2013


Our family has always been an active one and love getting outside. Now that Sydney is older, we decided to try hiking and it's quickly become an addiction. There is nothing like spending an entire day with the family, free from digital distractions, house cleaning and all the other things that pull you away from enjoying your family unit. We are lucky enough to live where there are plenty of trails and places to explore. The girls enjoyed it more than I expected and it's been wonderful to watch them connect as they explore the woods together.   
On our first adventure, our day started off with a little hike that led us to a beautiful waterfall that the girls were thrilled to see. There is nothing like feeling the mist off the water on a hot, late Summer day. 
 After that, the girls were thrilled to do more exploring.
 then we were headed off for our hike!
We chose a 5 mile hike to a covered bridge.  We knew it would be a lot of walking but everyone agreed we were ready.  Stocked with water, homeade granola bars, bugspray and a first aid kit, we were ready!
The hike was amazing.  It was long but filled with chatting, giggles and stories.  We watched our daughters hold hands and laugh together, jump over puddles and skip through the trails.  As we got deeper into the woods, it was magical to feel so small in a huge forest.  The trees were surrounding us, huge rocks and foliage everywhere.  The girls loved stopping and listening to the birds.  It was such a special day. 
As we finished our hike, both girls felt a huge sense of accomplishment...and relief that it was over.  We did it!
Our day finished up here, where we relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. 
We are hoping to explore more whenever we can.  It's the perfect way to reconnect with the family, especially after busy weeks of school and work.  This area would be amazing in the Fall!

Do you have a special spot you love to explore? 


  1. What a wonderful and special time for your family, with such beautiful scenery! I would love to see a covered bridge. Iowa's Madison County isn't all to far from us, and I hope to visit some day.

  2. I love that you all went on a hike together! That is so awesome. The scenery there looks really beautiful. We are lucky enough to have nearly 20 acres of woods, so we like to explore them whenever we can! We actually just finished up making a short trail and we like to walk it in the evenings. A 5 mile hike is pretty serious business! I'm impressed that the girls finished it - great job!


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