Barefoot by the Sea: Adjusting! (Glow Pets Feature)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adjusting! (Glow Pets Feature)

When I first had a baby, everyone told me how differently life would soon become.  I was told to take tons of pictures, sleep while the baby sleeps and "they grow up so fast".  Little did I know that they would grow like weeds - sometimes in front of my eyes and make me feel a love like I've never experienced before.

Nobody ever let me in on a little secret: a schedule is key.  Of course, a routine is important and there are times when life happens and it spirals out of control.  We try to keep bedtime at the same time most nights, with a few exceptions here and there.  That being said, am I the only person who dreads daylight savings time and the time changing that coincides with it?  If you are on the East Coast, you know that it's fast approaching.  You know that even though we will "Fall back" and gain an hour that day, 7am will soon be 6am and my kiddos will be up before the sun, ready for breakfast or to play.  It will also mean they will be crabbier is like this every October and yes, in April when we "Spring Forward", I'll be dragging them out of their beds when it's 7am but feels like 6am.  These changes can hardly be avoided...but I try my hardest to anticipate the transitions to make them as easy as possible.

In addition, we are still settling into the back to school schedule.  The transition from the carefree days of summer to routine is never easy. Whether kids have pre-first day of school jitters, a fear of the dark or they just need a familiar companion to ensure a good night’s sleep in preparation for the busy days ahead, Glow Pets are here to help!
I love the soft glow that the Glow Seal gives off!
Have you heard of these?  They have been a saving grace recently in my house...when my 5 year old is eager to get into bed!  Glow Pets are the amazing light-up pet that also transforms into a soft, comfy 15-inch pillow. By simply pressing the button on the pet’s paw, it will become a comforting glowing light that helps kids drift off to sleep. Each pet has special LED lights inside that create a glow without producing heat, and the built-in timer automatically shuts the light off after 20 minutes. Kids can choose from 10 different furry friends, including Shimmering Seal, Sparkling Unicorn, Brilliant Pup and Flashy Penguin. (MSRP: $29.99, Ages 3 and up)  Check out some of the popular designs.  They make great gifts and are perfect for the holidays...which, will be here before you know it!
Please note, I received a promotional item for this feature and review.  The comments about this item are my own opinions and I was not compensated in any other way for this review.


  1. I'm pretty sure my kids would love these :-)

  2. Oh please don't remind me of the time change. It didn't bother me BEFORE kids but now I think I'm the one who's crabbier than them >_< . the Glow Seal as well!

  3. My kids have been seeing these on TV and begging me for them! They DO look pretty fun....and I could see how they'd be helpful at bedtime! As for the time change, it is NEVER fun with kids! Boo!


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