Barefoot by the Sea: Make Your Own Dolly Tutu

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Make Your Own Dolly Tutu

A couple of weeks ago we had a few friends over for a dolly party.  It was a fun afternoon with friends and dolls...with a light lunch, games and a couple of crafts.  We found out that these girls love their dolls and love to craft!  We made decided on a quick and easy dolly tutu that's sure to please.  who knew these were so very simple and inexpensive to make?!
Materials Needed:
  1. Elastic band or one of those elastic headbands.  You can easily find these in packs of 5 at your local dollar store or big box store.  They usually come in assorted colors.  Another option would be to use a ribbon as the waist band.  Simply meausre the ribbon long enough to fit the waist of the doll.
  2. Select your tulle.  Fabric stores have some great deals on tulle right now in preperation for costumes!  Snag a coupon from your paper too to get the deepest discount.  We used pink and purple.  I tried not to offer too many options, I just wanted to keep it simple.
  3. Silk flowers (optional), ribbon
  4. Hot glue
  5. For the party, I had each craft set ready in a bundle for the girls.  This made things easier for them.  They each had their tulle, flowers and elastic bands and were ready to craft. 
  1. Cut the tulle.  You'll need to decide how long you want your tutu to be.  It's not critical to get your measurements specific (we're talking a doll tutu here).  In general, we cut the strips about 24 inches long, 3 inches wide for our 6 inch doll.  A total of 30 strips.
  2. Fold your tulle in half (end to end) and create a little loop.  Pull the tail through the band (similar to a slip knot) and pull tight.  Continue until you've covered your elastic band and created your tutu.
  3. We attached a few ribbons to the band along the tulle for a little additional color. 
  4. Finally, we hot glued a flower in the center.
  5. You're done! 

This would make an easy and adorable gift idea for the upcoming holidays too - dolly tutus and perhaps matching ones for the dolly's Mom! 


  1. Such a cute idea....and these turned out great! I love the fact that kids could help with these and personalize them for their doll!!

  2. Very cute! I love the idea of matching tutus! So adorable :)

  3. What a cute project for girls and their dollies!

  4. How cute! 'M' will love this..... except she has 500 dolls :}


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