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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gotta Love Those Men Folk: It's Retro Wednesday!

I talked last week about discovering the "mother load" of vintage magazines at our local library sale.  I've noticed a lot of trends in these magazines.  One thing's for certain:in the '50s, it was all about MEN!  Making men happy, attracting your spouse, feeding him the right foods and overall, sacrificing your needs to make sure he is well fed and happy!  We've come a long way!  Here are some examples:
The recipe below: Chicken Broth + Evaporated Milk + Frozen Peas = Bliss? 
Apparentely with the addition of whipped cream, Doris is able to attract gentleman much easier!  I just love the tagline: MATE BAIT!  
I also thought the idea of meat, which is now suggested in moderation, was supposed to "cure all ails" and seriously, how could you not want to eat that lovely display of greasy sausage? ;) 
Finally, this party dip recipe that includes cheese and cream of mushroom soup?  Again, it apparently will attract the "men folk"...
I dare you to make this recipe at your next holiday function...
These ads were brought to you by the 1952 November issue of Family Circle which should more appropriately be titled "Grab your Man and quick!"
 Have a great day friends!


  1. That is so funny !! WHO knew that those men dominated back then. GOOD thing we all took over LOL …. It will be so funny to see what all the mags will show when the future looks back. It will be all about fashion us girls, loosing weight , stress LOL .HOW times have changed . I love your blog my friend. KEEP EM coming .. xoxoxo hugs and have an awesome week

  2. Oh I believe it and there are still men who subscribe to this line of thinking! I am guessing we'd have to substitute the kaukauna club with velveeta. I've never seen it in stores here.

    1. I guess the fact that I'd have to substitute velveeta is a sign of the times too.

  3. These are hilarious! It is crazy how all the ads around that time focused on making your man happy and what he wants. I guess that's just how it was back then. I still like to make my man happy, but this advertising is a little much haha. Can you imagine if some of these ads ran today? There'd be such an uproar!

  4. Ha!! Thanks for the laughs, my friend! :)

  5. These are to much! I laughed the most at "Mate Bait"! I think if I made any of these for dinner, my man would eat on the road!


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