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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

National Geographic Books Feature and Coupon!

It's early, but NEVER too early to get a jump start on your holiday shopping!  Starting now, throughout the months of November and December, I'm highlighting great deals, coupons, shops and products! 
I was recently given the opportunity to review several new titles from the folks over at National Geographic Kids. Our household subscribes to the National Geographic Kids magazine and we have several books so I was excited to have a chance to check out the new titles. They have leveled readers on captivating non-fiction topics that range from a Pre-Reader to a Fluent Reader (Level 3). The topics include things that kids love: animals, volcanos, vehicles and more. What is also great is that parents can go over to the Super Readers website and download badges, bookmarks and a poster that kids can earn as they go through the different reading levels. The program works so well and helps children feel independent while parents can take part in their accomplishment.
My children love these books. They immediately claimed theirs and went into their reading spaces to check them out (always a great sign). Both of my girls love animals so the Everything Pets book was a hit. The book was packed with facts about all different types of pets but an an age appropriate level. Sometimes these types of books can be a little too basic. These were filled with interesting facts and challenging verbiage.  If you have an animal lover in your home, these books are fantastic for them!
The Ultimate Weird But True book 2 was engaging and fun! All sorts of interesting facts that capture children of all age's attention. The kids read this book over and over again. The pages are FULL of facts which kept their attention and made this Mama happy....especially while I was cooking dinner!
The National Geographic Kids Almanac was equally impressive. Full of articles, full color photographs, history and information. This book is full of great information that kept both girls interested. My girls both agree that next they want to check out Just Joking 4, another new book out just in time for the holidays!
National Geographic is also coming out with their version of Mad Libs, sure to please the animal lover in your home!  Funny Fill In: My Animal Adventure is filled with fun, colorful pages with over 20 fill-in-the-blank activities.  I love this hands on activity book that makes the perfect holiday gift! 
You can find out more information about National Geographic Kids here. You can also like their Facebook page to "be in the know" here and follow them on Twitter here.
National Geographic Kids has been generous to offer a special coupon to readers of Barefoot by the Sea!  Simply click here and place your order to save 30% off the retail price of these books.  Please note, this deal lasts only until December 31st, 2013.  Order by November 8th for delivery by Hanukkah and by December 6th for Christmas delivery. These books would make a great holiday gift for someone!

Thank you Green Moms Meet for this opportunity!
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  1. These books look great for kids! Good ideas for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the discount as well!


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