Barefoot by the Sea: A Blast From the Christmas Card Past!

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Blast From the Christmas Card Past!

So many of my friends have said they have struggled to get their Christmas cards out this year.  It could be because of the shorter holiday season with Thanksgiving being so late, the difficulty of standing in line at the post office or if you're like me, you've struggled with the photo shoot.  Any mother who has tried to capture that "picture perfect Christmas photo", I feel your pain!  
Here are some outtakes from our 2011 shoot - my girlies look so little! 
I like to call this one...."Cupie Doll" 
Bad lighting + rambunctious kiddo 
In the end, we went in a completely different direction but it was a nice experiment in modeling and testing my patience.  
Modeling 0
Patience 0
Better luck next year!  Hope your Christmas week is wonderful!


  1. They are still adorable ;o) I am definitely feeling your pain trying to get the baby to hold the perfect pose lol... Hope you guys had a wonderful season - ps. the cookies looked amazing!

  2. I have decided to take our holiday photo during the summer season... everyone is happy and there is no pressure to get the perfect shot because it is August - months away from Christmas card season. Oh and no one has a cold or red nose either - haha. Your girls are dollies.

  3. Such cute girls, they get some points for modeling! And I know that you get points for patience, even if you don't think so!

  4. Awww, your girls are so cute! I bet it is hard to get two little girls to stand still for photos :)


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