Barefoot by the Sea: 800 Bear.Com Feature! Perfect for Valentine's Day and Beyond!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

800 Bear.Com Feature! Perfect for Valentine's Day and Beyond!

I'll be the first to admit I'm looking forward to the month of February because it means January is over and this one has felt like a really, really, REALLY long month!  Also because it's almost Valentine's Day!  I know, a lot of people aren't thrilled to think about chubby babies flinging arrows all over the place but there is something sweet and special about this little holiday.  I know my girls get a kick out of it and really look forward to giving cards to their classmates.  Yes, there is something super sweet about Valentine's Day!  I like to get the girls a little something for the holiday.  Nothing major but something thoughtful and sentimental.  That's why I'm bringing your attention to Teddy Bears!  Specifically, 800Bear.Com, a company that specializes in personalized Teddy Bears and Plush Animals!

Here's how it works:  You start with the adorable plush of your choice.  I like this guy! 
Then you pick your personalization!  His little t-shirt reflects what he loves most!  Genius!  This personalized Romantic Teddy Bear is available now and waiting for your details.  On sale now for $24.98!  Free gift wrapping and card included in your order!
They also have items for other occasions including Get Well, Birthday, Birth, Easter, Patriot Bears, Anniversary and more.  They even have a line of Sesame Street Characters and other Licenced favorites! 
Be sure to head over and check out the selection!  And, if you sign up for their newseltter, you'll get 15% off your next order!


  1. Such cute bears!! Hope you are staying warm out there!

  2. Cute!! I love that you can personalize these little guys :)


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