Barefoot by the Sea: Valentine's Day Pretzel Wands (Easy Treats)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine's Day Pretzel Wands (Easy Treats)

I'm on a roll this week in anticipation of Valentine's Day! Sydney and I constructed her Valentine's Day card box for school which was really fun. We also started to think about the various treats that we could share with her friends. On that subject, I always cringe a little when I see the mountains of cards with lollipops attached. Could this be in preparation for our 6 month dentist check up? Perhaps. But, I have to say not since Halloween will we see so many suckers. Yes, Valentine's Day is sweet and fun but I do enjoy seeing the stickers and pencils far more that the other treats. That being said, I know kids enjoy special yummy things. That's where these Pretzel Wands come in!
A combination of sweet and salty, these are cute and dainty and work well for the little kids up through the bigger ones! Hello....husband! It took a minute to two to figure out how these little wands would work out but I'm pleased to share that they are pretty easy to make and a hit with thelittles!
  • Pretzel Sticks (I used honey wheat rods)
  • Chocolate to melt (white or dark works well)
  • Conversation hearts
  • Sprinkles
  1. In a small bowl, melt your chocolate in microwave or stovetop
  2. Dip your pretzels in the chocolate or attempt to coat with a spoon
  3. Sprinkle with candy sugar or sprinkles
  4. Put conversation heart on it's message side down and stick your pretzel wand on the end
  5. Balance on wax paper until set
  6. Gift individually or in a bunch!
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  1. Another great idea! I like how you can see the hearts when you store the pretzel wands in a jar. Really cute!

  2. These are so cute and I seriously love chocolate covered pretzels!

  3. So cute. I have nieces who will love to make these.

  4. I love your "attempt" to coat with spoon. Always a challenge, isn't it?! I do love your pretzel wands, creative as always!

  5. I LOVE these, Jess! Such a cute idea for all the little girls in my life....we are definitely doing this! Maybe today after school! Thanks for the fun idea :)

  6. Hi Jessica, those pretzel wands look so cute and yummy! :) Visiting from TipJunkie :)


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