Barefoot by the Sea: Frozen

Monday, February 24, 2014


We have a slight obsession with the movie Frozen around here.  Perhaps you've heard of it?  If you have kids, I'm sure you have.  There is something magical about it and my children have been talking about it, singing songs from it, dancing, acting it out and discussing it since we first saw it the weekend Thanksgiving 2013.  I must admit, I enjoyed it as well!  I love that Disney is creating strong, female characters that our kids can see, not just women that need to be saved by their men. 
So naturally, when Sydney had to work to construct her own Valentine's Day box, she decided it needed to be a Frozen theme.  So, with my help, we worked to construct Elsa's castle.  It was quite a project but in the end, she was proud of her finished Valentine's Day box. 
We started by drawing a version of the castle, painting it and highlighting it with glitter.  Since Elsa's castle in the movie is made of ice (and we weren't that ambitious) we decided blue, purple and white would be our best option, complete with cottonball snow.
Lastly, we stuck Frozen character stickers on cardboard and toothpicks to accent the castle. 
What I like most about FROZEN is that it's so fitting for our Winter we've had and since we seem to be in a state of ice and snow, it's clear that Elsa is around!

Happy Monday!




  1. It looks so awesome! Way to go, Sydney! I haven't seen the movie myself, but have heard about all the buzz around it!

  2. My girls love Frozen, too! I haven't seen it (Daddy took them to see it) but I do love the music. We've been listening to it on Pandora :) I also LOVE this box...way to go, Sydney!

  3. I think you and your girls are very ambitious and definitely creative!


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