Barefoot by the Sea: Valentines!

Monday, February 17, 2014


The girls had tons of fun this year deciding which Valentines they'd give to our friends.  Luckily, Pinterest was FULL of great ideas!  It was tough to decide but Riley settled on these Smore treats from Domesticated Lady and Sydney decided on these Frozen inspired Valentines from One Creative Mommy.  They had fun putting them together too!
Did your littles give Valentines this year?  What did you do?


  1. Those are so cute! "I need s'more friends like you" is a great caption for the bags. I'd be thrilled to get a valentine like this! I kind of miss the days of handing out valentines in class :)

  2. I agree with Tammy! Always so fun to see what you and your girls have created :)

  3. Wasn't it fun letting your kiddos take a look and pick their favorites? Mine did the same and we had a blast making them....minus the printer issues :/ Yours turned out so cute!!


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