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Monday, April 14, 2014


Do you have a place to store your child's art?  It can easily get out of hand.  I have collected various treasures throughout the years and never have had the best system in place.  I have boxes for each girl and have tried to salvage their pasta art, glittery pieces and pinecone trees but truth be told, you can't save it all.  At the same time, I like to display pieces to show them how much their efforts mean to me.  We have a couple dedicated "art walls" throughout our house that they've named their "galleries".  I also have a few of my most treasured pieces framed in their playroom and bedrooms. 
Recently, I decided that I would start photographing some of the pieces and attempt to start artbooks for each of the girls.  It's quite the process, simply because it takes so long for the photos to upload and then to add them to the pages of photo books and arrange's a full time job in itself!
I know this.  This will not last forever, their artwork will change and grow with them.  It already has changed so much.  As the years roll on, their will be fewer beaded necklaces, recycled art and paintings.  I want to remember their childhood creations and have a place to look back upon when they are grown.  So for now, I'm thinking I will continue to save what I can, frame my favorites and photograph special pieces and things that I can't always keep (chalkboard doodles anyone?) 
Do you have a system for your child's artwork?  I would love to hear what you use and any suggestions!

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  1. Unfortunately I don't really have a system for anything....and it totally stresses me out! I do like the idea of photographing artwork but I also love being able to hold it and look at the real thing. So for now that is what we are doing.....keeping it all :)


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