Barefoot by the Sea: Blooming

Friday, May 30, 2014


Isn't it funny how things just click?  Our little Sydney has been avoiding the 2 wheels on her bike for a while now and last weekend she decided "it was time".  So, she hopped on her bike and practiced, she fell, she cried but she was determined to get it...and SHE DID!  So, this past weekend, when she hopped on immediately, I wasn't sure if it would come right back but IT DID!  There is nothing quite so exciting then to see your little one, eagerly attacking a task and simply making it happen.  I jumped for joy, it was most certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating!  She really is blooming and as a parent, there isn't much of anything more satisfying to see! 
In other news, we have a tree out in front of the house that has doubled in size and it is beautiful!  Who knew that when we moved here seven years ago this tiny tree would make such a statement in the yard!  Trouble is, I'm not **exactly** sure what kind of tree this is but after doing a little research, I think its a White Flowering Crab Apple Tree, the Donald Wyman variety.  If anyone has any thoughts on what this tree is, please let me know!

Happy Friday - fingers crossed we will see the SUN here in New England! Sharing today over at From The Farm Blog Hop!


  1. Congrats to your daughter - that is very exciting!

    One thing you can do to i.d. your tree is to take a small cutting with a few flowers and leaves and see if you can find a matching tree at the local nurseries. It is a bit time consuming though. A certified arborist might know what tree it is as well. I'd bet you are pretty close to the correct tree. Hope the sun shows up this weekend.

  2. Yay for two wheels! Emma has been asking us to do the same...I'm not so sure I'm ready though :-)

  3. Gorgeous tree, whatever it is!!!!

  4. What a great accomplishment! Good luck on identifying your tree, we had several mystery tree's here that I never did learn. Sadly we had to cut them down, but I still wonder what they were! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Such a sweet post, Jess! There is nothing better as a parent than seeing our kids accomplish one of their goals.....good for Sydney (and fun for you to see)!!

  6. Hey Jess! I am just testing something new I learned about DMARC and wanted to see if my comments will come through to you the way they used to. Go ahead and delete this comment if you like :)

  7. Ok, just me trying again. Please don't hate me for trying this!

  8. Congratulations Sydney! We know around here what a HUGE deal riding a 2 wheeler can be. Way to Go! As for the tree, maybe it is a plum? The blooms look similar to the tree that we had to cut down in the backyard.


    PS- I read your blog everyday on my iphone but for some reason I can't comment (have that problem with every blog I read on my phone). So I read this awhile ago but finally have a free minute to get on the computer and comment:)


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