Barefoot by the Sea: Party On, Birthday Girl!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Party On, Birthday Girl!

This year we celebrated Riley's 10th birthday with a handful of girlfriends.  Riley opted for a "Hedwig Owl Party" since she is currently devouring Harry Potter book #4 and loving it!  Of course this wasn't an easy theme since most Harry Potter stuff is not in the stores anymore so we kept things simple with lots of snowy owls around!  The party was great, lots of little treats, giggles and great friends!  Isn't that what a good party is all about?  Here are some pics...

We decorated with puffs of white hydrangea and owl cupcakes.  The girls enjoyed guessing some of the Harry Potter Jelly Bean flavors - although only a couple were daring enough to try them.  We sampled soap and grass.  I think I also may have been tricked into sampling an earthworm - truly disgusting but oh, so fun!
 It was brought to my attention at the very last minute, that I didn't have a birthday banner so I quickly put one together using an old one and some of Riley's Ranger Rick magazines, it did the trick.
Decorations included golden balloons and a simple owl honeycomb that I crafted.  Easy peasy.
Treats included pita chips, pea crisps, grape wands, hummus, tabouli and fruit.  My daughter is a bit of a hippy chick but it works because so are her friends!   
 The girls made bottle cap owl necklaces as their craft...
and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying some beautiful sunshine and warm(er) weather.  It was a great day and a wonderful party!  We enjoyed celebrating my girl's 10th birthday!  Up next...Sydney, who is turning 6 in late June! 


  1. What a great party! Loved your owl cupcakes and the banner turned out really cute! The food choices were awesome and so healthy...I am impressed! BTW, I LOVE the color of your back room...the sort of mustard yellow! I have a supposed "Florida room" as a back room, which is nothing more than a screen porch, turned into a small room room. I need to paint it, and you have given me a great idea!
    xoxo- Julie

  2. This looks like the perfect 10 year old party! I am absolutely in love with the cute cupcakes...did you make those?? and the rest of the snacks and decorations. Our girls' are coming up soon...Ellia is thinking Rio 2 and Greta is on the fence. Glad Riley had such a perfect little party, thanks for sharing!!

  3. What a fun party! I love the grape wands :) You did an outstanding job on the owl cupcakes!

  4. Happy Birthday Riley! I love this party theme and the owl cupcakes are tooo cute! I just finished up the first Harry Pottery book with Belle & she was obsessed. I think I'll need to bookmark your party for future reference...nicely done!!


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