Barefoot by the Sea: Grilled Bruchetta (Easy Recipes)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Grilled Bruchetta (Easy Recipes)

This has got to be the item I make most on the grill, all Summer long!  Ever notice how simple, fresh ingredients often result in the tastiest items?  This is no exception!  And since cookout season is upon us, I'm always looking for a vegetarian option that we can also look forward to.  This is so easy and brings my very favorite Summer flavors together! 
  1. Crusty bread, baguette, whatever you like!
  2. 2 large tomatoes: we use Backyard Farms or something from our Farmer's Market or garden - the fresher, the better!
  3. Fresh basil
  4. Fresh Mozzerella
  5. Balsamic Vinegar
  6. Salt and Pepper, to taste
  1. Slice your tomatoes
  2. Soak overnight in balsamic vinegar
  3. Slice your bread in half
  4. Top with balsamic tomatoes, basil and slices of mozzerella
  5. Season with salt and pepper
  6. Heat over low on your grill - this can get tricky!  It's easy to allow this bread to burn so a few minutes on a grill with the cover shut to allow the cheese to melt should do the trick.
- We learned the hard way ;) but even so, it still is tasty!  Paired with a nice, fresh garden salad and you have a yummy meal!  As many tasty recipes, I only have the "before picture" since it was gone before I had the chance to take the "after".
What other vegetarian dishes do you grill?  We love mushrooms and veggie burgers as well but I'm always up for new ideas!


  1. Yum yum yum! I love this! In fact I wish I could have some right now...

  2. These look fantastic! My son just grilled BBQ eggplant slices and corn on the cob. They were both reaallly good! He used Baby Rays brown sugar BBQ sauce and the eggplant literally tasted like candy!!!!!

  3. Tomato and basil is the best food pairing and it is probably better with melted cheese. My husband and I usually grill meats but my dad once made a grilled pineapple dessert. It was so good.

  4. Another of your recipes will be waiting when my garden is producing! Your post reminded me, I never did get any herbs planted.... I bet I have time to get them in if I hurry! Thanks for sharing this :)


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