Barefoot by the Sea: Introducing...

Friday, June 6, 2014


In May, my oldest daughter's class studied crayfish.  Through observation the students learned interesting details about animal structures while developing sensitivity to the needs of living organisms. The students loved learning about them and Riley brought all sorts of interesting facts home to share with our family.  They walk, swim, eat, hide, breathe and molt.  Crayfish like it dark and cool, and during much of the daylight they will be found alone, withdrawn under a rock or a plant, waiting for dark, at which time go looking for food. Crayfish are omnivorous, eating just about anything they can find or catch, dead or alive.  Why, you I know so much about these little guys?

Well, because when the unit was over, the crayfish were up for adoption in my daughter's classroom.  Any student who wanted to adopt one, could put their name into a hat and try to win one.  Riley came home so excited about this opportunity and although I first wasn't too keen on the idea, I decided it was harmless and if I'm being honest, what was the chance that she would actually win one?  WELL OF COURSE SHE WON ONE!  Isn't that always the way?  So, we quickly constructed a tiny crayfish home and last Friday he joined the family.  She named him Hermie.  I wasn't sure if he would survive the day (but he did), I wasn't sure he would it make it through the week (but he has) and I have to say, he's been quite interesting and easy to observe and learn about.

Here he is and no, in case you were wondering...we will NOT be eating him! 


  1. I was just wondering if you would eat him... ;-) I remember when I was in 5th grade I won some math game and my teacher sent me home with mom was not pleased, nor were we prepared. But, I loved that goldfish for the 2 years we kept him (or her - I have no clue how you tell what a fish is). Good luck!

  2. Lol! Of course she won! I have to ask, does she hold him at all? I can remember visiting my South Carolina cousins about 10 years ago, their daughter would have been about 5, and they had Madagascar hissing cockroach's. This sweet 5 year old girl would hold them, and I had to try and be all tough and not scream or freak out at this girl who is braver than I ever was or will be!


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