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Monday, June 23, 2014

You Won If You Had Fun!

Good Monday Morning!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Things have been a tad busy and crazy this past week...!  Here are a few of the highlights...

Last Monday:  My faithful friend and constant companion bit the dust: my treadmill broke.  Now, this treadmill is not a clothing hanger, I actually use, constantly.  Jeff bought it for me the very first Christmas that we were married in 1999 and I've spent many hours with it, at least five days a week on average and it's never failed me.  This past Monday, when it started accelerating unexpectedly, I thought there might be a problem...and there was.  Now we're faced with whether it's worth fixing or dumping, since it's almost 15 years old.  It's served me well and on the plus side, the weather here has been insanely beautiful so I've enjoyed getting up and going out for an early morning walks all week.  That's the plus but I'll miss my old buddy very much.  I also will need a replacement, since Winter's in New England don't always offer optimal walking weather.

That day I also chaperoned my older daughter's 4th grade celebration field trip to our local swim club.  It was a beautiful and warm day, spent watching the kids smile and just enjoy swimming and playing with their friends.  It was truly a joy seeing my daughter so comfortable with a great group of friends and just being kids.  These days are special and I'm so lucky to soak it all in.  Time is fleeting, I know this.  I am so blessed to witness special moments with my children.  It was a wonderful day. 

Last Tuesday:  My husband calls me...and he never calls me from work.  But you see, he wasn't at work because he was in an accident.  He was okay but his vehicle...not so much.  So, life throws another unexpected curve and although we aren't certain, we are simply hoping they can fix his truck and we can get on with our busy week.  But life never works out the way you planned it, does it? 

Last Wednesday:  I get to spend another day with my daughter's school and help out with field day.  Again, an emotion filled day for me, enjoying watching both kindergartener's very first field day at our little local school and my 4th grader's last.  It was a fun day, full of laughs and lots of exercise.  What a great day.  Feeling happy and optimistic but just preparing for our 4th grade graduation which I'm told "is bound to be" emotional.  Isn't that the truth.

Last Thursday:  I bring the girls to school since my husband has to head into work early.  As I'm waiting to drop them off, it occurs to me that this is the VERY LAST time I will drop them off together at this school.  And, this is the VERY LAST time they will EVER attend the same school.  As I pull away, I watch them holding hands, like they have all year long, as they walk in together.  Riley looks back at me, smiles and waves.  I wave back...turn the corner and begin crying uncontrollably.  Is it me, or does everyone feel this emotional about these milestones?  I can hardly pull it together but manage to so I can go buy strawberries I have to bring in for the fruit salad I'm bringing into school later in the day.  These moments remind me to stop taking special moments for granted, to slow down, to focus on them more and stupid things less.  Really, is a super clean kitchen more important or sitting down and talking to my kids?  In the end, I know what I will remember.

Later that day, we are notified that his truck is totaled...why, of course it is!  Did I really expect another outcome?  So it's rare that you come out ahead in these situations and such is the case for us.  My husband, is completely defeated and sad...he loves his truck and sounds on the verge of crying when he says, "But we brought Riley home in my truck" and "we have taken our yearly Cape Cod trips in my truck" and "I bring the girls to school in that truck everyday". 

Last Friday:  We watch our little Riley and all her classmates "graduate" from our little school and 4th grade.  The principle delivers and amazing speech and the message resonates with me.  He says things like, "BE KIND", "Listen to your inner voice when things don't feel right", "Get outside, play, run around, pick up a book" and basic, helpful advice that everyone needs to hear from time to time.  I look up around the auditorium and see a sign that says, "You Won if You Had Fun" and I get all teary again - because we did have fun, we really did. 

Saying goodbye to our school was bittersweet for all of us.  Sydney will be there next year and it will be her turn to shine without the shadows of her big sister but she will miss her dearly and things won't be the same.  This week really felt like an ending, finishing a chapter and starting new.  We have felt a bittersweet sadness that has been difficult to swallow.  These milestones and endings are significant, not in a bad way but one that signifies changes that are ahead and new beginnings.

Our week was crazy, full of highs and lows but all part of our journey.  Now, on our very first day of Summer vacation, we look ahead to Summer with anticipation and excitement.  We look forward to lazy days, time at the beach, in the sprinkler, bubbles, laughing, sidewalk chalk and friends.  We know that it will be over soon enough, as we face more highs and lows, ups and downs.  I'll remember, YOU WON IF YOU HAD FUN and we intend to...all Summer long. 

Hope you're off to an incredible Summer! 

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  1. Wow, had a crazy roller coaster of a week! Losing your treadmill alone would have been enough, but that was just the beginning! Glad to hear your hubby is okay, despite the totaling of the truck. And, as you know, I can totally relate to struggling with the passing of time when it comes to my girls! Here's to doing our best to enjoy each and every day of summer with them!!!


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