Barefoot by the Sea: A Dream Come True

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Dream Come True

This past weekend, we welcomed a brand new family member into our household!  We got a PUPPY!  This was years in the making and here's the story.
At the ripe old age of two, my daughter Riley was given a stuffed animal puppy and named him "Jingle Jangle" he had little bells inside his belly and she carried him wherever she went.  She begged for a real, live dog and we always told her she was too young, this wasn't the time, etc.  Finally, when pressed for specifics, we said:  "We will get you a puppy when you turn 10".  After a new job, a move and a baby sister, Riley continued to collect stuffed puppies, read dog books and learn everything and anything about dogs.  Her favorite animal and then, she learned more about the different breeds.  She soaked it all in like a little sponge.  As the years rolled on, she told everybody, "I'm getting a puppy when I turn 10!" and as the years rolled on, we realized she was turning 10 wayyyyyy too quickly.  Just like childhood flies, 8 years went by in a blink! 
In the beginning of 2014, we settled on the type of dog we wanted...a border terrier.  We were familiar with the breed and we knew we wanted one a little on the small - medium side, a smart dog that was happy and eager to please, fairly easy to train, athletic and cute.  We found a breeder and on May 9th our puppy was born - and May 9th just happenned to be Riley's 10th birthday!  It was as if it was meant to be - or an amazing coincidence.  So, for the past several months, we've been getting ready for our newest arrival!
This past Saturday, we drove the Berkshires of Massachusetts and picked up TIPPY!  It was a beautiful, exciting and wonderful day we will NEVER forget.  We also got to meet two of his sisters, a brother, his Mom, Dad, Aunt and Grandmother.  He has spent the last 9 weeks at a sweet home with all of his family and Saturday, he came to join us!
It was LOVE at first sight!  He is settling in quite well, happy, smart and playful - we feel so grateful that Tippy has joined our family! 


  1. Welcome sweet Tippy! Now we have even more in common with new puppies in the house. Such a precious pup too. Congrats!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Riley looks like one very happy girl!!!!! Happy Birthday to her!

  3. Congrats on the new addition to your family!! Tippy looks so sweet! Riley must be the happiest girl on the planet right now :) Looking forward to seeing more pics and tales of Tippy!!


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