Barefoot by the Sea: Coleus!

Monday, July 21, 2014


I love to garden and I love flowers!  Every year I try a variety of plants from seed or tiny seedlings.  Some work, some don't but I'm happy to say COLEUS is one plant that just works for us.  Our backyard is pretty shady so I can't have a ton of flower bearing plants.  That beings said, I still want something that's pretty and offers a variety of color.  The coleus I have surrounding our back deck offers just that.  Different shades of green, yellow, deep purple and earthy tones are so pretty and offer a tropical feel to our backdeck.  The best part?  I don't really have to "do" anything...I think I've (maybe) watered them two times?  Mother nature takes care of them for the most part and that's the BEST kind of foliage for me!  
Do you have a "go to" favorite plant that is easy and pretty for you?  I would love any suggestions - I'm always on the lookout! 


  1. Yes! My "go to" plants are the ones that came with my house :-) I don't do anything with them and they come back year after year! Day lilies, peonies, irises. I'm much more a veggie person. If I can eat it, or feed it to my family, I will spend the time on it. My mom has beautiful flower gardens though, and I am always jealous, but never seem to attempt it - especially when I buy 30 tomato seedlings and have to find places for them to grow!

  2. We LOVE coleus! Husband loves the variety of colors! My favorite flower this season is the Maximilian Sunflower, but it is definitely in a sunny spot!


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