Barefoot by the Sea: Craft Camp, Day 1

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Craft Camp, Day 1

I was thrilled to be able to offer an Arts and Crafts camp again this Summer at my home. I have always loved to do crafts with my own kids and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to work with others and share our love of Arts and Crafts.  So far, this week has been great and once again, I've gotten a taste of what working with a great group of girls was all about.  This year our camp runs for four days.  On average, we've been doing three crafts each day and making a healthy snack together. We've also did a few "get to know you exercises and confidence building exercises along with an impromptu dance party here and there.  Again this year, I've kept an "extra" craft on hand in case we were ahead of schedule - timing can be difficult to guesstimate but overall, the girls have been busy and having a great time!

This week and next, I'll be sharing some of the things we did. My goal was for the girls to make friends, have fun, share laughs, good food and learn. The week started and each girl made their own chalkboard nametag. They were again excited but quiet little campers. I had questions to pass around including, "What is your favorite fruit?", "What is your favorite ice cream flavor" and "What are you looking forward to this Summer most" to break the ice.  Each girl was eager to answer and it really started some fun conversations. 

For snack the first day, we shared a friendship fruit salad, where each girl had a component that I had prepared ahead of time and contributed it into the bowl.  As they poured their fruit in, they would say something positive about another friend at the table.  It's a great way to encourage them to point out positive qualities in others.  What I loved most is that each girl made sure to say something wonderful and creative about another friend and nobody was neglected.  It was quite inspiring! 

Day 1 also brought sandpaper t-shirts...each girl drew and image on sandpaper, colored it in with crayons and then we flipped over and transfered the image onto a t-shirt.  It was wonderful to see the different images the girls chose, including a butterfly, trees, a ladybug, flowers and polka dots.
 Next, we made "bubblegum necklaces" with fun beads, these were a HUGE hit!
Our last activity of the day involved Nature Photography for a craft we'll be doing later in the week.  The girls are fabulous photographers and took a variety of pictures.  Stay tuned to see what we'll be doing on our "nature day". 
It was a great first day!  The girls had fun and my littlest was asleep by 7pm! 


  1. It sounds like a great time! I wish that we were closer, I'm sure I have someone that would love to participate :-)

  2. You are such a fabulous mom....just look at these projects! I especially love the sandpaper'll have to do a post just on those to show us how!! Happy 4th of July, my friend. Enjoy the day!

  3. You are such an amazing mom, and such a great teacher! I love that you make such a positive environment for the other little ones to come be a part of :)


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