Barefoot by the Sea: Craft Camp, Day 3!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Craft Camp, Day 3!

I'm continuing to share our week of Craft Camp and Day Three's was "Nature Day!"  I had the girls photograph some things outside that they would later like to turn into magnets and they did a wonderful job!  Their pictures were quite impressive and they all had a very creative eye!  I had the shots developed and each girl got to choose four magnets to make from their pictures. 
Glass Photo Magnets
  • Materials Needed
  • Photographs
  • Clear Floral Stones, flat marbles, glass beads
  • Magnets
  1. Trim your photo to fit on the back of your glass stone
  2. coat the flat side of your stone with a thin layer of clear glue
  3. Firmly press your photo against the glass and ensure any air bubbles escape (facing out so that the bubble or rounded side is what you will look through)
  4. Allow to dry
  5. Glue magnet to the back
The results should look something like's a photo of our kitty, Pumpkin:
One of our hydrangea and dahlias...
The girls really loved this project, it was a great way to introduce a bit of photography into the camp too!  Many girls planned to take more photos of their Summer adventures which I thought was pretty cool!
Our next project was cookie cutter bird treats.  It sounded like a great idea and the result was pretty good however, we opted to try this project on a humid, sticky, 95 degree day.  So, the girls were a little crabby about the also quite sticky birdseed.  They talked through this messy projects and convinced one another that the birds would appreciate their gesture.  It was wonderful to see that by the end of this craft, they were excited and giggling about their birdie friends.  You can see the recipe we used here.
Day Three was another great one!  The girls by this point were feeling more comfortable with one another and willing to share more about their interests and plans for the rest of the Summer.  It was wonderful to see friendships being established - and re-established, from the previous year!


  1. I love the little magnets! I think my kids would love those...especially since they love taking pictures so much :-) Looks like you hosted a great craft camp week!

  2. Awwww... I wish I could have come to nature day :) I am sure the birds were thrilled that the girls shared such a yummy treat with them!


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