Barefoot by the Sea: Blooming!

Friday, August 1, 2014


On Monday, I talked about the state of our vegetable garden...and today, I figured I'd share some pictures of the blooms around our house.  I love fresh flowers and the fact that I have some all around to enjoy or for a vase makes me really happy! 
First up, our lilies!  We have 3 different color lilies that I planted when I first moved here, seven years ago.  They are in desperate need of dividing but I honestly don't know where to start.  I love the colors in this pinky- yellow lily.  I should research to find the variety, it might be a pink tiger lily but I'm not certain.
Next is the Tangerine Orange Ruffle Lily...
Our Zinnias which I've talked about before and that I love.  They are just starting to pop up but I can't wait to pick a bunch to enjoy inside!
This also is the first year that we've tried Dahlias and they have been blooming all Summer long.  I adore these sunshine yellow ones and the pink ones as well!  They are beautiful and BIG!
These pink dahlias are huge and my favorite this Summer! 
Hope you enjoyed a walk through my flower garden!  What are you growing this Summer that's been a favorite?  Oh and HAPPY AUGUST 1st!  Time is flying!


  1. SO pretty! The dahlias? AMAZING!!!!

  2. Beautiful! I love the pink tiger lily, and the dahlia's are gorgeous! I especially love the yellow ones. When you pick those, it's a little bit of sunshine in a vase!


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