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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Have you ever stopped to think just how connected we all are these days?  How dependent are you on the Internet, your phone, your computer?

Before we left for our annual trip to Cape Cod, our computer started acting up. The running system seem to be okay aside from the occasional error message here and there but in the weeks leading up to leaving, the hard drive sounded louder than normal and although we noticed it, we didn't give it too much thought.  Imagine my surprise when, after returning from a wonderful week away, we were unable to start the computer.  We unplugged it and plug it back in…nothing. We tried various restart options…nothing.

Does it ever seem like just when you are in a better financial situation, something major goes wrong?  Maybe you just paid off your car and three months later get in a car accident? Maybe you've just paid off your credit card debt and your refrigerator dies?   I'm talking car repairs, house repairs, or in my case…possibly having to purchase a new computer?

The most frustrating thing for us is that this one isn't all that old and although we have yet to determine exactly what's wrong with it, it's just one of those expenses hanging in the back of our heads.  My husband took the machine down to our local computer repair shop for them to run a diagnostic test to determine what the problem is. Obviously if it isn't too expensive we will opt for a repair.  I think the most shocking thing about all of this is just how incredibly dependent I am on our family computer.  I do have an iTouch and a small, cheapo notebook that I got years ago but what a difference it is without having a decent operating system at my fingertips! The iTouch is perfect for when I'm on the go or just checking emails, things like that. The notebook was purchased as a back up computer and for the occasion when we were traveling but you definitely get what you pay for and in this case, not much.   It is incredibly slow and makes my frustration level go through the roof if I'm trying to pay a bill or do anything with urgency.  It's all made me realize just how connected our lives have become.  If I'm being honest, I would like to get back to the basics and perhaps not always feel the need to pick up my device to check my email. Thinking back on it, what did we do when when we couldn't Text or FaceTime each other? Did we actually have conversations?  If my mom was out grocery shopping was there a question so urgent that she had to run to a payphone to call my father and ask him?  I'm not suggesting we start a huge Pro/Con electronic device discussion, I'm just saying we should think about how connected our lives are.  I guess I was a little shocked that I feel as lost without our computer.  It makes blogging quite tricky as well as staying connected with friends/family and getting important school notices that seem to be coming more via email these days than anything else.  I think if given the choice, I would go back to the basics but with that being said, I do realize there are huge part of the world we live in today and are here to stay.

Speaking of blogging, it's been a little bit of a challenge since I'm writing this on my iPod touch. Bare with me until I do get my computer back up, which hopefully will be within the next week or so.  It's just another small bump in the road that in the grand scheme of things doesn't really matter but just makes my life a little more difficult.

On that connected are you?  Are there electronic devices you couldn't live without?  Be honest, this is a judgement free zone - we are all friends here!  In my case, a friend with a thumb that is about to fall off but always a friend!

Have a great Wednesday :)


  1. I'm impressed that you are typing an entire blog post on an itouch - I would have just called for another vacation week :-) Our lives are completely connected, everything from banking to grocery shopping (amazon prime anyone?!) is online, so not having a computer for a few days does seem like a crazy thing. I try to unplug weekly, and make sure that my computer and other devices are off at certain parts during the day - otherwise we get lost in the technology. I love technology, but like with everything, it has to be in moderation. It is funny to think about how I managed to survive high school without all the technology we have at our fingertips these days!

  2. Love that you can do your blog on itouch . Awesome

  3. Your poor thumb!!! My husband stays very connected, but he has to for his job. Come Friday night, he used to unplug. He has been checking his fb more over the weekend since he likes to read his trucking groups. I am torn about my own dependency on being so connected. It annoys me, but it does keep me from feeling so isolated out here in the middle of no where. And, since I am on the phone so much during the day at work, I get talked out, and prefer typing my thoughts/questions the rest of the day.


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