Barefoot by the Sea: 31 Days of HOLIDAY

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 Days of HOLIDAY

When my sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to participate in the 31 Days with The Nester challenge my immediate response was to laugh.  How could I possibly add another thing to my already busy day? Once I started to think about it, I became more curious and decided to check out what all of you who have participated in years past had written about.  Then I got sucked in. So many creative people out there, so many amazing topics worthy of discussion.

Then my ideas started to flow. What if I participated in the 31 Days Challenge and discussed a topic that I was really passionate about? What if it didn't become a chore but more of a love? These were all things that I had running through my mind with considering participating. I wanted to make sure that I was fully invested and making it worthwhile for both me and my readers. That being said, I have decided to participate! For me, I think the biggest challenge a writer/crafter is to fully commit myself in a topic that I love. I'm hoping that you will come along and participate in this journey with me, or even participate yourself!

So, I plan to be here a little more in the coming weeks and I'm excited!  It feels good to shake things up a little bit on my end, and have a goal of doing something that will keep those creative juices following.  I'm happy to be participating and I would encourage you to do the same!  Each week will look something like this:  I will share one of my own holiday decorating projects, crafts, tips, gift ideas or recipes.  The plan is to focus on Halloween for the first ten days, followed by Harvest Time/Thanksgiving and then of course Christmas! I hope you will enjoy this series and visit often!  You can also subscribe to my blog via email to get notified of new posts and follow on Twitter where **the plan** is to also post when I've got something new up!
I will update this post everyday with the new link/picture to each day's post so at any point in the series you can visit this post (or bookmark or pin it - follow me here) to catch up on everything I've posted so far!

Day 1: Halloween Tunes
Day 2: Halloween Goodie Jar
Day 3: Fall Harvest Crowns
Day 4: Costumes
Day 5: A Pumpkin Ghost Story
Day 6: Inside Out Caramel Apples
Day 7: Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes
Day 8: Spooky Halloween Beverages
Day 9: Costumes
Day 10: Halloween Gifts and More
Day 11: Fall Bucket List
Day 12: Autumn Hipsters
Day 13: Hot Apple Chai
Day 14: Apple Pear Blueberry Crisp
Day 15: Glittery Message Bookmarks
Day 16: Fiber and Thread Lunchbox Napkins
Day 17: Baked Honey Apple Bananas
Day 18: Frontier Soups Feature 
Day 19: Autumn Quotes 
Day 20: Ghostly Lanterns
Day 21: Spooky Signs
Day 22: Princess Inspired DIY Costume
Day 23: Witches Stew Recipe
Day 24: Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Pops
Day 25: Instant Halloween Decorating!
Day 26: Halloween Botox
Day 27: Time ISN'T ON OUR SIDE!
Day 28: The Thankful Tree
Day 29: Thanksgiving Sides
Day 30: Pumpkin Crafts
Day 31: Pumpkin Seeds

So, visit often all October long as we focus on 31 days of Holiday!  It all starts tomorrow! 


  1. Yay! I am so excited that you are participating! I think that this will be a great series, and definitely something that you (and I!) love. I can't wait to follow along!

  2. Love the candy corn jar, you are so crafty!

  3. I am so excited to catch up and see what you have been up to! Sorry I have been away, my allergies knocked me out of commission, but I am regaining control and can finally do something besides rub my itchy eyes!


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