Barefoot by the Sea: Garden Update

Friday, September 12, 2014

Garden Update

I've talked about the garden a lot this Summer, so I figured I'd share some of the most recent happenings in there!  We have been lucky to get a great amount of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, green beans and purple beans and basil.  With our unexpected humidity and warmer temperatures it seems like we were lucky to have an extra couple weeks of enjoying it.  I'm afraid, however, that's about to come to an end as I'm looking at our extended forecast. 

The tomatoes and fresh basil have been delicious - there is nothing like a fresh pizza with tomatoes, basil and herbs.  So simple and good!
My zinnias unfortunately have been eaten by some sort of bug, I'm suspecting beetles but every once in a while a flower perseveres and I pick it quickly enough so that it doesn't get eaten.  They scream Summer to me and during the hours when I'm without the girls and the house is quiet, nothing makes me happier then some fresh flowers! The girls also planted sunflower seeds too late this year (late July?) directly into our raised bed and while I had little hope for them, they're starting to grow and I can see a tiny flower inside. I don't have too much hope for huge blooms this late but I suppose there is a possibility.  Either way they look green and super-healthy, and we definitely will be planting those much earlier in the season next Summer! In fact, I'm considering doing a raised cutting flower bed simply because I think it would be something the girls would enjoy caring for in addition to the veggies.
I hope everyone is off to enjoy a wonderful weekend.  Our week was BUSY so I'm anxious to settle down and have a little relaxation...if that is possible anymore and honestly, the verdict is still out on that one!

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  1. Even here, it has been a strange growing season. Just not ideal. Next year will be better, right? Crossing my fingers that you all get some beautiful sunflowers to enjoy!! Your pizza looks delicious!!


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