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Monday, September 22, 2014

Laptop Lunches Feature

Last week I talked about school lunches and the different ways I keep it fresh, new and exciting.  One of the ways that makes it even easier, is to use a fabulous lunchbox!  When the folks over at Laptop Lunches offered to send me one of my own to test, how could I refuse?  Of course I want the girls to have easy, relaxed and enjoyable lunches at school.  This box is fun and colorful, and right away they both were excited by the look of it.  I learned early on that a dull, muted lunchbox was NOT what they wished for so this Laptop Lunches box in Jubilee was right up their alley!  The real test (for Mom) was how easy would it be to fill and ultimately, use?  First, my kids have been tired of squished sandwiches and we are no longer using plastic bags so the logical answer was to GO BENTO!  These Laptop Lunches bento boxes are compact, easy to clean and versatile.  They are easily stored when we aren't using them and are stackable so they can be stored in the fridge the night before.  LOVE THAT!
The compartments are versitle enough to incorporate everything my chidlren enjoy in their lunches. There are five containers that fit tightly into the lunchbox itself.  You can use all of them together or only what you need.  When my daughters aren't using all five, we typically use one with their snacks. They love that their lunch is intact and all together.  Of course these are BPA free and keeps our food fresh!  These are wonderful for both little and BIG husband wants his very own in a more "manly color".  
Learn a little more about Laptop Lunches here...

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Please note, I did receive a Laptop Lunches box to review but as always, all opinions are 100% my own! 

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  1. Can you make lunch for me too? They always looks so good!


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