Barefoot by the Sea: School Lunches and THE BEST reusable napkins!

Friday, September 19, 2014

School Lunches and THE BEST reusable napkins!

School lunches… Definitely a hot topic around our household! Whether or not you send your kid to school for hot lunch, homeschool and make lunches there or brown-bag it, we all want to provide our children with healthy, delicious and satisfying lunches all through the year.  It's so important that children get a well-balanced lunch that will fuel them and give them energy for the rest of the day.  I have no doubt that you've seen countless articles about how to incorporate new ideas into lunches to keep it fresh and new. Gone are the days of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every single day!  I feel like there is more of an awareness now about food and nutrition and so many of us are looking to provide our children with the best possible meals throughout their day.
I thought it would be fun to share some of our recent school lunches and talk a little more about some options for those of you who are still looking for a little bit of inspiration. I completely understand how hectic mornings can be. Sometimes it's just easiest to send your children with something that you know they will eat, and old standby sometimes the best option when you know your child has a favorite!  For my children, they love having new and different lunches every day. Of course there are repeats but they definitely enjoy having some new options and thrive on variety!

As a general rule, I try to make sure that I'm incorporating a fruit and a couple of veggies in every lunch I pack.  Even if your kid isn't a huge veggie eater, there are so many great options out there to not only include veggies into recipes but also even some convenience food like squeezable applesauce and organic crackers that that incorporate veggies right into the mix.  Still, I think it's so important to start as early as you can by introducing fruits and veggies and consistently offering them as soon as they're eating.  I would encourage you to offer fruits and veggies in their lunches every day. If they are hungry enough they will at least try them. I've also found that little containers of yogurt dip or hummus work wonders. Kids love to dip!
Here are a few examples of lunches that I have sent my kids to school with lately. My girls love salads so often times I opt to send them with a salad and a bit of chicken on the side. I think they enjoy having all the components and making their own.  I've also included some pita chips, strawberries and an apple.  I also include a reusable napkin which are eco friendly, adorable and easy!  I've used different options over the years but these from Fiber and Thread are hands down THE BEST reusable napkins I've used.  They wash well and aren't fading.  They are also durable and stain resistant!  Be sure to LIKE Fiber & Thread on Facebook here.  They are fulfilling custom orders now and this page will keep you updated when the Etsy shop launches!  Did I mention these make AMAZING holiday gifts and that they recently launched dinner napkins? Stay tuned later this Fall when I do a dedicated feature on Fiber and Thread

The next lunch is a simple hummus wrap filled with veggies, dried peas and Newmans Own Organics pretzels, strawberries and an apple.
In general, I offer my girls similar lunches on a daily basis. I just makes things easier. The sides in particular are usually the same. I used to break it down and specifically give them each item that they wanted but it just got insane!  I do, however, I feel like if I ask them what they would like for their main opponent it gives them a feeling of choice and they will have something to anticipate when they're ready to sit down and eat.  I am fortunate that my kids have healthy appetites and are eager to eat healthy foods.

Here is an example of the snacks that I send them in with. Again, I always incorporate a fruit or veggie and a lot of times I make a homemade item. This week we have pumpkin muffins and sliced mango.  Sometimes my girls are lighter eaters in the morning and the snack helps fuel them. I opt for homemade muffins they are free of preservatives. The added vitamins in the pumpkin adds to the "power "of this snack.  Did you know pumpkin is a Vitamin A superstar? The girls love them!

What kind of snacks and lunches do you send your kids with to school?  Always looking for ideas and inspiration, feel free to share! Making lunches can be tedious but it doesn't have to be!  For those times when you are in a rush and are looking for a shortcut, be sure to check out Applegate's HALF TIME kits! In fact if you head over here you can enter to win your very own lunch kit!

Have a wonderful Friday friends!


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  2. We are homeschoolers here, so I feel like I am constantly in the kitchen. I go back and forth on making a bigger meal for lunch, a "snack" lunch, or peanut butter sandwiches. We do a lot of baking of bread, and have a lot of dried fruit/nuts/seeds. My kids especially love salads, which gets a little challenging in the middle of winter! But, we load up the salads with lots of nuts and seeds and whole food dressings. I do like the idea of all those cute little lunches, but I am not sure how I would pull something new together every day! Good job mama! And Pumpkin muffins sound perfect...I need to get some pie pumpkins roasting!


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