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Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Holiday: Costumes

Halloween is a couple weeks away and I can't help noticing a trend among little girl costumes.   They all look more mature than I would like.  I'm being generous here.  Keep in mind these were all found under girl's costumes...not adult!

(pictures: for all your Halloween needs!)

I do realize this is not a new trend.  It's probably that I've been looking for the "over 5T" costumes recently and noticed a lot of this and am shocked by the amount of fish net stockings, short skirts and mid drift baring ensembles that these costumes offer.  Add that to the bratty little poses:  hands on hips, head tilted to the side, mean girl face and  "oh yeah, that's right" stance, modeled on the package and it's enough to send me into cardiac arrest right there at Target. Then again I do realize it's all about supply and demand - so perhaps I'm in the minority?  I certainly am not intending for this post to offend anyone but I am perhaps more conservative than others.

So, I'm thanking my lucky stars that my girls have chosen the princess theme (and I just BET you can guess which ones) and I'll continue to hope these more innocent trends continue.  Or, I'll take a witch, a ghost, somebody from Star Wars (as long as it's not Princess Lea's golden bikini), monster, a robot, whatever! 

When I saw this little cartoon I thought it was completely appropriate!  Happy Shopping friends!  Let's hope some of our kids break the mold this year!  Can't a girl be a superhero or a ninja...or both?  It's 2014 afterall so indeed they CAN! 

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  1. i JUST had this same discussion with my husband as i was looking for costumes for our little girls. i could not believe the amount of "sexy" costumes for girls over scared both of us!! we, like you, are still in the princess phases and i hope we stay here for a long, long time! i can't deal with these short skirts and fish nets!!

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! Of course, I am not out in the child costume market, so I had no idea until I saw your above pics. Of course, the way they are posing does not help at all, but oh my.... Way to mature!


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