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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Holiday: Halloween Tunes

After the rhythm of the new school year has been established, I start looking ahead to the holidays.  The period between Halloween and New Year's is one of my favorite chunks of time.  Living in the Northeast, I love Fall and the richness and beauty it brings to our life both inside and out.  That's why I've chosen holiday as my 31 days topic, it seems like a period of time that I am particularly inspired and motivated to do more.

Over these next days I'm going to share with you my very favorite Halloween tips, recipes and projects that will inspire you to make the month of October fun, creative and a little spookier.  The features will include some of my favorite tips from years past but also a few new ones that I'm loving right now!

To start, I always feel like I am a little more inspired with music. About five years ago, I made a Halloween music CD that was perfect for the weeks leading up to this fun holiday.  Some spooky tracks but all are fun and dance worthy! The perfect soundscape for trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples! 

Of course, I'm dating myself here but I still love a fun CD for the seasons - am I the only one who still uses these things?  I thought a Halloween CD case would be the perfect first super easy project to kick off the month!  I love how the labels look spooky and a little vintage-y.
I found these at the Dollar Store the other day, I knew I'd find something to do with them!  They are actually large stickers and make a great CD cover for the perfect mix!  Simply trim and place on the front of your cd case... 
Next, download your tunes for the cd!  Here's the list of my tunes but anything goes!  On Halloween night, we hide the speakers and play the music from the bushes...super fun and fright worthy!  We also add the theme to the movies Halloween and Friday the 13th to make it even scarier!
Okay, we're off and running!  Let's start our morning with one of those iconic Halloween tunes for the month of October!  For those of you who feel THE NEED to break out and do THE THRILLER, I won't judge.

I'll see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Halloween music - not something I have thought much of before! But this is a great list! There are several houses in our neighborhood that have some pretty scary music, and the kids refer to those houses as the "scary houses" and don't want to go to them. But, I think a little Rocky Horror Picture Show would be perfect! :-)

  2. You are so fun!! I really want to pull up some Halloween tunes.... Monster Mash is the one I immediately think of :)


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