Barefoot by the Sea: The New England Anti Heat Craze...

Friday, November 7, 2014

The New England Anti Heat Craze...

Our annual "We will make it till November 1st without turning on our heat" has officially ended.  We actually made it until November 2nd.  If any of you live in New England and more specifically, got a dose of Winter that day: wind, ice, SNOW and cold!  Too cold, in fact to go without heat!  As soon as we hit our goal, we reassessed and my husband insisted we could make it until December 1st.  However,  his plan fell by the waste-side after we got down into the 30s a couple consecutive nights. A couple of nights, I can handle - I pretend I'm in Little House on the Prairie (complete with my nightcap) and snuggle under the covers.  In fact, the nights are cozy and warm under many, many covers.  The mornings, however....just too chilly.  

So, once again, we are toasty in our 60 degree house and yes, trust me...that feels TOASTY warm compared to the alternative.  My hands aren't purple anymore and we aren't sleeping in our snowsuits!  For those die hards who still haven't turned on their thermostat...perhaps I'm a wimp or they are supplementing with another heating source?  Call me a skeptic.  Either way, if you are from New England or in another chilly part of the country and have yet to turn on your heat, you are TOUGH.  These days have sent a chill through my body and I'm so very happy that we have heat and can enjoy our cozy little home as we crank the heat - to 60 degrees!  After living in a 50 degree house, 60 feels mighty sweet!

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Hope you are having a great week friends.  This will be the week that we hunker down and really start our Thanksgiving plans!  I for one, am ready for some delicious food and time with the family! 


  1. You and your family are pretty tough too! Not only has my heat been on through most of October, I keep it at 70. I turned it down to 69 yesterday and it was soooo cold. I am surprised I can tell the difference. But we haven't even had our first frost yet so I am a wimp. Sure it helps save a lot of money to wait as long as possible, especially with how cold it gets where you live. Have fun with your Thanksgiving plans.

  2. I think that we would have possibly continued without heat for a while if we didn't have a brand new baby in the house. Thankfully oil prices seem to be coming down (although there are plenty of business/economist sorts that are saying that is bad for investing - I disagree of course), so maybe it won't be as painful a winter as last year...hopefully?!

  3. Oh my, but your are definitely tough! When it comes to heat in the house, I am actually more willing to tough it out then my husband!
    And, it's SOO funny that you make the comparison to Little House on the Prairie. When the winters get to tough for me, I make it very clear that "I am NOT Laura Ingalls Wilder"!

  4. That would seriously take some gettin used to for me! Oooh-la-la!!!

  5. Whooo, I don't know if I could handle that. We made it until November 1st this year, but it was snowing a little and I insisted we turn on the heat. I am comfortable at 72 in the summer and 65 in the winter (in our home).

  6. I can't take the cold mornings either. We've had some warm days after a few cold ones but it's going back down tonight!

    1. We are heading into the 20s in the nights and 30s in the day, it's officially Fall!


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