Barefoot by the Sea: Applegate's Good Morning Bacon Feature and WIN A YEAR'S SUPPLY!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Applegate's Good Morning Bacon Feature and WIN A YEAR'S SUPPLY!

Applegate recently announced their latest product from "the pork heavens": Good Morning Bacon!  I'm happy to give you a little more information about their newest product as a proud Bacon "Ambassador"...

It’s Leaner, Not Meaner
While most bacon you currently enjoy is made from the belly of the pig, Good Morning Bacon is an innovative style made from the shoulder of the hog. It’s equally porky, but with 60% less fat than regular bacon, making it amore sensible and arguably more delicious - choice.  My hubby - who LOVES his bacon - agrees!  It's delicious and the smarter choice!

They're Going Whole Hog!
These sizzlin’ new strips are hitting the shelves for two reasons; first and foremost, it’s porktastic!  By utilizing the shoulder, a previously unpurchased part of the pig, to make this bacon, Applegate is delivering a more sustainable product and curbing waste!

In other big news, Applegate is offering up their newest contest  - you can enter to win a year’s supply of bacon (!!!) YES A YEAR'S SUPPLY and test your chops with our Bacon History Quiz!  Share it with your friends and use the hashtag #baconhistory. The more the merrier when it comes to bacon!  Did I mention this is Casein Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free AND LOW FAT?  Savory, indulgent, applewood smoked bacon and ZERO guilt.  Yummy on Blts and salads, go ahead and grab a slice or two - start your day off with protein power! 


  1. I'll be right back.... I need to go buy some bacon!! lol... Thanks so much for sharing this with us :) I have found two stores around these parts where I can find Applegate, so I will definitely be checking there for this bacon.

  2. I must try this! I don't love the fattiness of regular bacon, but I don't really love turkey bacon either....this looks perfect for me! I will have to keep my eyes open for it!

  3. I love the idea of the sustainable aspect of this product. We are bacon eaters here! Not that we cook it every week or anything, but when we do even the little kids are begging me for an extra strip. Sounds like something we need to try.


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