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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Good Gravy! I love this StationERY!

You guys!  Here is one of my all time favorite shops!  I have gifted my daughter's teachers with the beautiful products from Good Gravy! Handcrafted Designs for the past FIVE years.  I'm also lucky enough that she does ALL my Christmas cards and has her own photography business.  Yes, she's that talented!
Back when I first started my blog, I discovered Good Gravy! Designs.  Their witty blog lead me to discover their beautiful handcrafted stationery and notecard sets, as well as address labels and invitations.  A sidenote...Lelan, the genius behind the designs educated me years ago that 'stationery' refers to notecards and pens, 'stationary' refers to non movement.  There you have it, your grammar lesson for the day!  Back to are a few of my favorites designs over at Good Gravy Designs...

Here's the gift I give over and over....a set of Good Gravy's Flat Note Cards! These are wonderful teacher, friends, coworker and just because gifts! The Fun Time Flags Stationery Set is one of my favs!

Beautiful and unique, this scallop wrap around address label is for your best long distance friends!

Their Simply Stated Luxe Stationery Set combines chocolate and chartreuse, a beautiful gift!
I get tons of compliments on the beautiful cards and sets from Good Gravy designs - they are truly quality and I adore their lightweight shimmer finish.  I think they are the holiday gift and beyond!  Good Gravy Designs with you until your products are perfect!  They also do beautiful invitations and announcements!

And, "word on the street" is that Good Gravy Designs also has a slew of new designs in the works.  Contact them for more information, you won't be disappointed!  Here's a peek at a few I've seen lately...the beauty is in all the details!
Check out that shimmer - love it!
Each card set is beautifully packaged in clear cover and wrapped in ribbon.  Perfect for gifting!
Check out Good Gravy! Handcrafted Designs here!
Trust me - everybody will think you've got it all covered!  Gift Good Gravy! this season and beyond! Happy Shopping!


  1. SO cute. I had never seen anything like that address label before. That's interesting.

  2. Wow this is gorgeous! I especially love the shimmery designs in the works...!!


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