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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Home for the HEALTHIER Holidays with Dietz & Watson

Please note, I did receive a promotional product in exchange for my review however, all opinions, as always are my own. 

With Christmas is days away and then New Years, it's time to get serious here folks.  I'm talking about FOOD! Our family has done different things over the years, we've had casual buffets, sit-down dinners and everything in between.  Sometimes the food is quite indulgent this time of year, the time to really enjoy friends, family and food and drink.  We all know that *sometimes* this food can pack on the pounds.  I was pretty thrilled when Dietz and Watson suggested a partnership so that we could check out our options for a "healthified" holiday.  

A lot of you don't exactly consider HAM as a "healthy" option but in fact, it can be!  I was thrilled to find their All Natural Uncured Classic Dinner Ham as a delicious option for our Christmas feast! This ham is extra lean, and prepared sea salt for a slightly smokey, delicious flavor.  I love that this ham is so good it doesn't need any "extras" like other brands...the quality and flavor speaks for itself.  This is a wonderful option for Christmas dinner and won't pack on holiday pounds!  Their Gourmet Lite Virgina Baked Ham and Gourmet Lite Cooked Ham are also delicious proteins to consider!  You can check out Dietz & Watson's full line of quality ham here.  Even if you don't usually consider ham "health food" it truly is a great option when reaching for a protein for Christmas dinner, New Years and beyond!  Did I mention all their ham is gluten free and the gourmet lite hams are low sodium? That certainly makes for a healthIER holiday! 

Dietz & Watson also offers fantastic options for holiday meat and cheese platters.  Having been a cheese lover FOREVER, I decided to try a few of their top sellers.  Their Aalsbruk Smoked Gouda is rich in flavor and the perfect complement to a nice fruity white wine.  Their Muenster pairs wonderfully with a beer - or a grilled cheese sandwich!  Their C-Sharp Creamy Cheddar is perfect when passing around the cheese platter this Christmas Eve!  The thing I love most is that their cheese is so rich and flavorful that a little chunk goes a long way.  I find that if I indulge in some delicious and flavorful cheese, I am satisfied and won't keep going back to the cheese plate.   You can check out all their options here
While we are on the topic of meat and cheese platters, be sure to check out their line of delicious artisan and high quality meats.  So good and so many all natural options, including the Natural Casing Genoa Salami, a great way to go!  

A little more about Dietz & Watson...
From the start, we have been committed to providing products that are both good and good for you. We use only the highest quality hand-trimmed, lean beef, ham, turkey and chicken breasts. We never use artificial colors, flavors, fillers, extenders or MSG. In 1996, we started the Dedicated To Your Healthier Lifestyle® program—a collection of more than 60 delicious deli meats that exceed USDA, FDA and health organization standards for healthy eating. 

Learn more about Dietz & Watson by following them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and by checking out their website! Check out information about their healthier options here and watch the video below! 

Our family will be indulging healthier this holiday season and beyond thanks to Dietz & Watson!  

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  1. I found that they have product in one chain of stores in my neck of the woods. Based on your recommendation, I will check them out the next time in that store!


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