Barefoot by the Sea: Energy Bites in the BLIZZARD ZONE

Monday, January 26, 2015

Energy Bites in the BLIZZARD ZONE

One of the things I've talked about in the past is the fact that I make weekly, from scratch snacks for my children. I do realize there's a lot of wonderful options on the market for a good quality, healthy snacks. When I do have the time, I opt to make my own simply because I know they're healthy but they're also more economical. I usually make a healthy muffin or a quick bread, but a few weeks ago I tried this recipe I found on Healthy Appetites for Energy Bites that my children absolutely love! These healthy ingredients these will keep you moving throughout the day because they're packed with protein and goodness! Let me just say that my husband and I also love them, maybe a little too much!  I typically make a couple batches so that the whole family can enjoy them throughout the week. The recipe called for sun-butter but I've also made them with peanut butter and almond butter which work well too.
These delicious treats are simple and delicious - chia seeds, chocolate chips, nut butter, honey...the stuff dreams are made of!  What a great treat to have on hand for snack today or perhaps a SNOW DAY!  Speaking of which, what's the weather look like where you are?  Let's just say, we are officially in the BLIZZARD WARNING ZONE and anticipating being closer to the 18-25 inch zone in these parts!  Looks like we will have the very first snow day of the season! 
Happy Shoveling Friends! 


  1. I'm getting my shoveling muscles ready! Those energy bites look so good! Stay safe!

  2. Stay safe in the blizzard friend! That is going to be a crazy one. I think I need to do better with homemade snacks other than just sliced fruit.

  3. Whoooo weeee girl, you better bundle up! I have this recipe and never made it. Thanks for the recommendation though. I will have to make that happen sometime soon.

  4. Hi, Wisconsin is not in the path of this storm. I kind of wish we were, I have never seen that much snow at one time. You will have to share it with all of us. ;-)
    Your Energy Bites look great!
    Stay warm and safe!!

  5. Your ice rink will be buried!! Stay safe, and take pics! That is a crazy amount of snow. Hoping your temps are going to be mild at least :)


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