Barefoot by the Sea: Pot 'O Gold Yogurt Fruit Dip and Irish Memories!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pot 'O Gold Yogurt Fruit Dip and Irish Memories!

St Patty's Day for me brings memories of my Grandparents.  My Grammy and Grandad lived in a Boston suburb and were a big Irish Catholic family, 12 kids, 6 boys and 6 girls!  I can remember going to their house every year to celebrate St Patrick's Day and my Grandfather served a FEAST, complete with corned beef and cabbage (I never liked it), Irish Soda bread and beer...lots of beer!  He always made me feel special as he made me a homemade ROOT BEER back in the day.  Now I know soda is a no-no for kids so I'm not suggesting that but that's the kind of guy my Granddad was, he did special little things to make me feel loved.  My Grammy would sing Irish tunes and festively decorate the house with green and white, for this holiday in the Pond household was celebration worthy! 

These days our St Patrick's celebrations are much more low key.  Still, it's nice to remember and celebrate the Luck 'O the Irish!  Although my Grandparents both passed away a few years ago, the memories still are fresh and vivid.  I hope they always are.  Everytime I make my Grammy's Irish Soda Bread the house fills with the most fantastic aroma and I can almost see her eyes smiling back at mine as I take it out of the oven...almost.  I do love to share these memories with my two girls, who stay hooked on the takes from my "old days". Of course, that seems funny to me because the 80s don't seem all that long ago!  

One of the traditions we have here is to greet St Patrick's Day with a rainbow! We have a "Pot of Gold" of fruit dip at the end!  
I know a lot of people make fruit skewers but I love the rainbow for St Pattys!   

Pot 'O Gold Yogurt Fruit Dip
2 single serving size Organic Greek Yogurt (I use Coconut Milk Yogurt)
1 tablespoon of honey
1 teaspoon chia seeds
Mix together and serve

Kids love to dip!

Have a wonderful Wednesday - looks like a beauty here!  Loving this weather, we should be in the 50s today!


  1. Oh how neat. That sounds like such an amazing tradition. I don't have Irish in my family so I have never known anyone that really celebrates it other than wear green or get pinched. That is also so special how he made you that root beer. It makes me want some homemade root beer and I don't even drink soda!

  2. We've hosted an Irish night for the last few years and it's fun to have the Irish food. I usually make shepherd's pie, Irish soda bread and Irish potato candy. I never liked corned beef and cabbage either so I don't make it. One year we did a fruit rainbow too! :)

  3. Hi,
    I have done a fruit rainbow to surprise my boys on St. Patrick's Day.They always get a kick out of it. I love that you shared your memories. xx oo Sweet!

  4. What a pretty rainbow! I have very very little Irish in my blood, so I really enjoy hearing about your memories and traditions! Of course, the food intrigues me :) Some day I need to try Irish Soda Bread, I have never had it!


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