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Friday, March 13, 2015

What really matters to you

Is it me or does life seem to be more hectic and busier than ever these days? If you read my blog for a while you'll see that the one thing I desire the most is to spend time with my family. I know that time is fleeting, I know that before too long my two girls will be grown and they will be out the door, living their own lives and raising their own families eventually. I have always wanted a family and now that I've turned around and seen my baby grow into a strong, funny, wonderful 10-year-old and my littlest one grow into a feisty, silly, energetic six-year-old, I realize more than ever that I want to soak it all in. Lately in particular we seem like we're always on the run. Driving to school, driving to afterschool activities, running to the grocery store, attending a birthday party, and the list goes on and on.  Sometimes what I desire most is for things to just SLOW down a bit. I envy those who don't have  a rigid schedule. Those who don't necessarily "have" to be any place in particular, the people who work from home, the people who tend to have a more relaxed routine. Of course I know those people have busy schedules and commitments like the rest of us but sometimes their lives seem quieter, more meaningful and simply put, they seem happy.

A couple of weeks ago when my husband was traveling, my girls and I had a simple day with just the three of us. We didn't have any plans in particular, no place to go, no plans or commitments. It was a wonderful, relaxing and beautiful day. It was a day that consisted of a brisk morning walk, an easy lunch of hummus, crackers and fruit, a lot of girl time, giggles and talking. It is a day I will cherish in my memory forever because we didn't have any place in particular to go, no place we "had" to be and even when the invitation to get together with a friend was thrown our way at the last minute, my daughter politely declined simply because sometimes it's necessary for all of us to slow down. Sometimes it's incredibly important to have downtime and sometimes a child needs a break just as much as a mother does. As Spring approaches and the calendar starts filling, I am certain we will become busy with more commitments. This year, I'm going to make a conscious effort to say no when we need to, to politely decline when it's necessary and to know in my heart that I family, the four of us need that special time because it won't be here forever.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy socializing, parties, outings with friends and special dinners, it's about BALANCE.  I adore the special time with my children and my husband. Sometimes I think we make so many plans and commitments with others that we forget to make our own plans and commitments with our immediate family. I know when all is said and done, the memories I have of my family will be the ones I cherish the most. They will be the people I will want to have the most memories of.

As Spring approaches and beyond, do you mark time off on your calendar to spend with your children specifically? How do you cope with the extra activities and commitments that lie ahead?


  1. I can totally relate to this! It's gotten easier now that they're older but they're doing their own things so we don't get as much family time. It's always a balance. That day with you and your girls sounded perfect!

  2. I don't cope well with all the extra activities :-) We go through seasons, we had a really crazy busy winter, but things have slowed down a bit now - thankfully! I think the longer days help my coping, and we are trying to observe a Sabbath now, instead of doing so much work on the weekends. It is nice to relax though, take the time and enjoy it when you can!

  3. I read a couple other blog posts last week regarding just saying "no" to others. Trying to find that balance. Even with my husband I being just the two of us, our schedules can somehow get to busy. He has always been one to try for Sundays are home and just us. It doesn't always work, but it is his goal.

  4. Hi,
    I agree with you!!
    I do know that I struggle with this too. In the last year, we really slowed down and we declined to be in some activities. It was just too much running. It has helped so much to slow down.
    Wishing you the Balance and I will be working on it with you. :-)

  5. I think that is a great idea to schedule in that down time. You really do have to fight for it these days. Extra curricular activities are great, but they can get out of hand! I say family time (or girl time, or one on one time) trumps all of that.

  6. You and me both, friend.....thanks for the reminder to slow down and find balance. I am the worst!


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