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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Living YOUR dream


I remember being a kid and thinking time was passing so slowly. In my memories, my Summers were long and lazy...days of relaxation and play, giggles and friends. As I've gotten older, it seems like time is passing quicker than ever before. Each year goes by in a blink of an eye
I remember the older woman who looked at me when I was pregnant and told me how quickly it would go.  Another woman who looked at my newborn and told me to cherish every second. 
At the time, I simply smiled and nodded not fully able to comprehend what they were getting at. But now I do, oh how I do! 
I realize that my firstborn is going to turn 11 years old in a matter of weeks, a month later my youngest will turn seven. 
Some days are long, some days I feel like I'm at my wits end when people aren't listening or the girls are fighting. 

Most of the time however, time is going by so quickly. Days feel like hours, months feel like days… 
All the while I just want time to slow down. Am I alone in this? Am I the biggest sap on the planet? I often feel like I'm full of emotion, full of memories and the desire to keep my kids young.  I can honestly tell you I never looked past when my children would be 10 and 6, I never looked towards what I would do after I was a mother because being a mother has always been my dream.  Of course, I'll always be a "mother" but what I mean is I never really thought about what I would do once my kids didn't "need" me as much as they did as children or as they became more independent. 
One piece of advice I'd give to any young mother would be to keep dreaming and looking towards what makes you YOU. Don't loose yourself.  Then again, I've come to realize, that my children have led me to be who I've become.  I'm less selfless, more understanding and perhaps more patient.  I realize more and more how lucky I am to be their mother.  My dreams have been fulfilled and I continue to realize that as they grow, learn and accomplish their dreams and fulfill their goals.  I've realized that I still have dreams coming true - ones that are valid and about me, my family and my children. 
Despite the hardships, the frustrations...this is one lucky life.  I guess I really am living the dream.  


  1. Aww this really tugs at my heart strings as I'm finding myself needed way less these days and trying to figure out what my next chapter will be! It does go WAY too quickly and I miss those days but also trying to enjoy the ones we have now!!

  2. I love this, because I know I am not the only one going through this time.
    My oldest will start Diver's Ed on Monday!
    I am happy to know you understand the feelings I am going through. We can support each other! :) Carla

  3. You are NOT the biggest sap on the planet (or if you are then that makes two of us, ha ha). I totally understand where you are coming from. To make matters worse I have been preparing a slideshow for a senior graduation at a private school that I went to. One of the songs that plays while the baby pictures are rolling is "Don't Blink". I can't imagine how those parents will feel watching the slideshow and seeing their child accept their diploma. I am going to be a ball of emotions when that day comes for me! Until then here's to cherishing the moments.

  4. You know me......I feel the exact same way! A constant struggle to embrace the moment and a continual desire to hold on to this time in life. It's such a balance - holding on, letting go, living, enjoying, appreciating it all. I think this must be what it is to be human.....and to love! We're in it together, my friend! <3

  5. Time is passing by quickly for sure, even more so with the kids. I just hope I'm making the best of it while the kids are still kids and that the kids have happy memories too.

  6. Live your dream, and enjoy every single minute!!


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