Barefoot by the Sea: Weekend Recap

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter Weekend!  Our holiday was simple, fun and great.  The sun finally came out and we enjoyed a semi-mild Sunday, complete with an egg hunt OUTSIDE, a delicious Spring meal and a nice walk after brunch.  The girls really enjoyed the day and we spent it exactly as I had hoped - all together, and enjoying the beauty of the day!  

Here are a couple of pics of our dishes.  They were easy, healthy and so delicious!  
The week ahead looks to be super busy.  Riley has running today and Wednesday, Yoga tomorrow and it's the Middle School's Spring performance of The Little Mermaid so we have two dress rehearsals, and FOUR performances!  We will be ON THE RUN constantly and this is sure to be our busiest Spring weekend yet!  I'm glad we had a relaxing calm before the storm!  Luckily, Spring vacation isn't too far away, we just have to get through the next few weeks. 

Have a great Monday my friends!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot coming up! Those dishes look delightful and are making me very hungry ;) Is that a beet salad? That's one of my favorite things and the quiche looks amazing too.

  2. That looked like the perfect Easter and yummy on all that food! I can relate to the upcoming busy schedule (especially with the show!). We have two busy weeks and crazy weekends (also with shows!) coming up! At least it's spring break for Miss High School so this week should be as bad as next week!! Fingers crossed for all of us!

  3. I am so happy to read that you had such a great Easter! Your food all looks delicious! The quiche looks outstanding! We went to my grandparents, and enjoyed time with family! It was nice sharing the cooking responsibilities, I took a Broccoli slaw, and a layered pudding dessert. Perfect weather for us also!

  4. Hi,
    It is a busy time of the year for us too! That is one of the reasons for a blog break for me. I just can not fit everything in. We also have a friend who is in the hospital with an awful infection. She may not be able to keep her leg. :-(
    I will be crossing my fingers for us all - just like Heather is. :-)
    Your Easter gathering looks wonderful.

  5. Wow! You are going to be very busy but it is all so exciting! Your Spring break is a lot later in the year than ours is. Ours was at the end of March. Your Easter food looks delicious ~ I almost decided to make a quiche and then I did not make a quiche. Now I wish I did because yours looks really good!


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