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Monday, May 4, 2015

The Clock Never Stops

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, the weather here is warming up fast! I read this weekend that the Northeast would be experiencing warmer than normal temperatures and less rain, such a contrast to the Winter that we just experienced. Today is supposed to reach 80°!  I can't remember the last time I saw consistent 70s the first week of May! I'm certainly not complaining, but I did realize that I had better start the annual closet Spring cleaning before I let too much time pass.

I'm not going to lie, it isn't something that I enjoy!  I know I'm not alone! I don't think I did a complete overhall of our closets last year, but this year I know I need to pull some things out for certain. I despise it because I never know what to keep in and what to pull out! Obviously fleece, velour, snowpants; those are all no-brainers. I usually have trouble when it comes to leggings vs capris, how many long sleeve shirts and dresses should I leave out for those chilly mornings?
It's a task that I keep putting off and trying to wrap my head around. I started going through Riley's closet last night and realized there are so many things in there she's outgrown, somethings would still technically fit but somethings are just too "babyish" for her as she's quickly approaching her 11th birthday. What I struggle with even more, is that a lot of times kids will reject certain outfits but Riley still loves her animal adorned shirts and cutesy dresses but I'm trying to prevent people from making her feel self conscious about those things. I want her to be happy and confident, regardless of what she's wearing or what other kids are wearing. I know I'm not alone here! That introduces an entirely different conversation about what the heck is going on in some retailer's minds these days as they are offering girls clothing!? Luckily there are a lot of peasant style options but I see so many spaghetti straps, fitted shirts, sleeveless and lace, not to mention zebra and leopard print. It's all a lot to take in! So even the simple task I'm going through a closet seems to be daunting and I miss the days when I was just transitioning from a 12 month clothing to 18 month clothing for my littles.  The simple task of getting ready for a new season can bring on emotions that may seem insane to some people but make complete sense to others.

Finally, comes the task of what to do with all these outgrown clothes! I have bins of clothing for Sydney to have when she reaches those ages, we donate a lot and sell a few of them are coveted items on eBay now and then.  It is just a full time task!  I'd like to say I would be done with this over the course of an afternoon but there's so much that goes into this process it seems to go on forever.

We will get through it eventually and of course have to make a trip to buy a few new Spring and Summer staples. Like everything, time will be fleeting and before we know it, I'll be bringing back the Fall clothes operation for a new school year!

The clock never stops.


  1. Oh, I totally get it. We had a beautiful easter with warm temps and there were days following that we needed shorts, but they were all packed up. We put it off for a bit until FINALLY we switched all the clothes. Like you said, some stuff is a no brainer, but when you live in a really small space like I do you have to make some tough choices. Pretty much anything remotely winter/fall was packed up. Of course wouldn't you know we had two weeks that were in the 50's and no jackets or anything to keep warm. I am thankful that this week it is warm and sunny because now we can wear the things we pulled out of storage. Also, that's tough when you are grateful that your children are keeping their youthful innocence, but you worry what others might think. We aren't quite at that stage yet, but similar things have come up. I really struggle with that fear, but chances are if your daughter is into her friends are too! Even if some of them aren't admitting it.

  2. I am always saying "The Clock Never Stops Ticking" I just said it last night. I was getting ready for bed and had 4 things on my To Do list that just were not going to happen. My hubby was sharing with me about replacing some fence in our back yard. I looked up at the clock and asked it to give me some extra hours PLEASE!

    I also know what you mean about what clothes to put away and what to keep out. We always keep a pair of light gloves out and a hat, because one year it FROZE on the Fourth of July here in good old Wisconsin!


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