Barefoot by the Sea: Deserted Island Pics: Flowers

Monday, June 15, 2015

Deserted Island Pics: Flowers

Week three of our Deserted Island Pics and it's been a fun series so far! I love digging into my thoughts and really thinking about my favorites. Today we are talking flowers! So my question would be, if only three flower varieties were growing on this deserted island, what would your choice be?  They would be plentiful. My three would be:

1. Peonies
2. Lavender
3. Hydrangea

This was a tough one for me, I have so many favorites and it's hard to decide! I might swap zinnias for peonies but I'm not sure. The ants get me but I think that symbiotic relationship is amazing to see!

Hope you are off to a great week so far my friends!


  1. 1. Roses
    2. Clematis
    3. Lavender

    This was an easy one for me!

  2. I really like wild flowers. I love wysteria it smells so good. I also like daises and poppies. So, those are my three.

  3. Oh my... so hard to narrow this down to three! Peonies, Daisies, and sunflowers. The last was the hardest to decide, but I can't imagine a summer without sunflowers!

  4. Hydrangea, Lilacs (that bloomed constantly) and roses!


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