Barefoot by the Sea: Easy Giant Bubble Wand

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Easy Giant Bubble Wand

The other day I posted a new favorite Bubble Recipe. Today I'm going to share the simple bubble wand that we used. Any bubble wand work of course but these help make gigantic bubbles!  They are simple enough that you can make one for everybody in the neighborhood and trust me, once the kids see these magnificent bubbles you may just have a crowd on your lawn!
You'll Need

  • Yarn or Twine
  • Scissors
  • 2 straws for each wand


  1. Simply thread your twine through both straws using about 2 feet of twine, cut and knot your twine.
  2. Separate your straws so that there is one at each end of your shape, this is what you will be holding when you pull your wind out of your bubble solution.
  3. Let your bubble wand soak in the solution, and sort of stir it around to make sure it's saturated.
  4. Slowly pull your wand out of the solution and walk quickly so your bubble all begins to form.

Helpful Tips

  • Avoid making your wand too big because the twine has a tendency to get tangled.
  • Also avoid making your wands too small because the goal is gigantic bubbles!
  • A lot of times the fine glycerin settles on the bottom so make sure you stir your wand in the bubble solution a bit and make sure it's completely submerged.
  • Play and be patient! It takes a couple of tries before you master it but when you do? MAGICAL!



  1. I have all of this stuff. Except for the glycerin. The kids need to try this out. Have a great weekend, Jessica!

  2. So cool! I bet the girls were so excited to see such amazing bubbles!!

  3. Thank you! This will be so fun to do at our 4th of July party.

    I am taking a blog break next week.
    Wising you a great 4th of July and I will see you again in a few weeks.
    xx oo


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