Barefoot by the Sea: A Little Lost

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Little Lost

It seems to happen every. single. year.  The house feels EMPTY!  I mean, these were the days that I secretly wished for, right?  WRONG! Yes, there were moments I knew that I would prefer the quiet over the crazy but in general, I have to say I enjoyed this past Summer so very much.  That might be why this school year feels particularly hard to get into a "groove".  The girls?  They are off to a good start, I'm talking about the MOM ADJUSTMENT.  That secret "back to school" empty feeling that some (not all) of us get when their kids head back. Trust me, I'm not the only one feeling a little lost!  Tippy is wondering where all his fun playmates have gone!  Trust me, I'm not as fun! 
So with that, I'm filling my days with as much as I possibly can.  Literally cramming work assignments in between making lunches, doing laundry, meals, blogging (or trying) and cleaning.  Oh my goodness how is there STILL cleaning to do when nobody is home?  Well, trust me, there is!  It never ends!  I know every Mom feels that constant "on the run feeling" unless of course, you are fortunate enough to hire someone to do some of your daily tasks.  If you are one of those Moms, then I hate you.  
When I see their little faces again, that is my happiest part of the day.  It makes it all worth the effort, the sacrifice and that lonely feeling that I'm left with after a Summer of beach trips, trips to the farm and running through the sprinkler.  I know we have the entire school year ahead, fun things on the horizon and surprises.  

We were lucky enough to see the most glorious sunset last night.  Something we shared when we were all done with the business of the day.  That was pretty special and by the time it occurred me to snap a picture it had almost passed (almost).  We were busy taking it all in together.  
I take comfort in the fact that even if I'm feeling a little lost during these early back to school days, when we all come together again - I find myself.  I realize I'm exactly where I need to be

That's the BEST feeling in the world! 


  1. I think I need a puppy to share my empty days with! The skies were gorgeous last night. I missed sunset but I still saw some beauty!

  2. Great post and so true, wrote right from the heart!
    I love your sunset photo.

  3. I no you are not alone in that feeling. It's like being an empty nester by day. There are pros and cons I'm sure! I struggle with wanting my kids to be more independent and just go to bed by themselves and buckle themselves in the car etc. When I stop to think about it though I realize I should just enjoy the season that I am in because as we all know, it goes by so fast!

  4. I can only imagine how happy you and Tippy are at the end of the day when you have the whole family together!
    Beautiful sunset! My husband came in and got me to come out one night this week, the Northern Lights were beautiful!

  5. It's funny....all I want is a little peace and quiet around here....but I can imagine myself feeling the same way a few years from now! And your "if you're so lucky I hate you" made me laugh. (I totally agree!)


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