Barefoot by the Sea: Day of Hiking with Smucker’s® #Snackation #Smuckers #sponsored

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day of Hiking with Smucker’s® #Snackation #Smuckers #sponsored

*This is a sponsored post from Smucker’s® and the #Snackation campaign. Please note I was compensated for this post however, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 
As promised, we celebrated reconnecting by taking a hike to our favorite mountain last weekend.  It was time for a #Snackation!  Always a lovely way to connect, we opted for a more challenging trail this time around.  So challenging that you could say we were all a tad bit sore the day after.  We were climbing A LOT of rocks and going uphill most of the way up.  I can tell you that those yummy PBJ Power Bites we made were the perfect way to fuel us.  These bites are full of yummy goodness including Smucker’s® Fruit and Honey Spread. Jifs Whips Peanut butter, chia seeds and oatmeal.  Seriously the perfect way to power up that mountain!  The fact that these were convenient to carry and eat? Win, win!
After checking out the aisles at our local Walmart, we discovered several new snacks, perfect for hiking! These Smucker’s® Fruitfulls are pure blended fruit in a convenient pouch, perfect when you're on the go for school, playtime or in our case, a hike!  I love that they have no added sugar, just apples!
It really was an amazing day to reconnect with the family.  With Fall almost here, this is a great time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets too bitterly cold.  I definitely will be heading back to Walmart to stock up on ingredients for our next #Snackation adventure!  
Until then...


  1. What beautiful scenery you have! Definitely the perfect way to spend your day!

  2. How fun! When I saw your picture of the snack pouches I thought "No way!" I just picked up several boxes of those today. I had never seen them before, but I love smucker's and they looked like a healthy alternative to some of the things I could be handing out to kids at my youngest's upcoming birthday party. I'm glad to hear your family liked them.


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